Sunday, May 30, 2010

Oklahoma Trip entry #2

There hasn't been too much to report on lately. We have been staying at my folks house most of the time although yesterday I went to Saturday morning breakfast at IHOP, I have to admit I miss going to Cracker Barrel (that place is so good and i like the atmosphere) and today we all went to church.

I haven't been keeping my blog up as well as I normally try to becuase I tend to stay up way too late with my mom. I think she is excited about us being here. She loves to hold Alison, I think if I let her she would hold Ali all day and night. Alison has her wrapped around her little finger.

Here are the past few days in pictures!

May 28, 2010

My brother wanted to take a picture of all our hands together (my mom, Alison and I) but Ali thought it was really fun and couldn't hold still.

At the dog park, Boompa takes his dogs there almost every day. Lady sat in front of Alison almost the whole time and made sure the other dogs didn't bother her.


Alison gets a bath in Boompa and JG's kitchen sink

getting clean!

May 29, 2010

Alison gets a kiss from her great-aunt Jeanie at IHop family breakfast

Saturday morning family breakfast-and yes they all planned to wear red.

Saturday Boompa and I watched some Doctor Who on Netflix and of course I played with Alison. Alison and I didn't go tot he dog park with JG and Boompa today though. Alison was taking a nap and I wantd to stay with her in case she woke up.

May 30, 2010

After church with JG!

Alison's great aunt Becky cam over to see her and brought her grandson (my cousin Brooke's son) along, he really liked Alison.

Alison's great uncle Steve

Grandmother with two of her great-grandkids. By the end of the year she will have 5 great grand children. Brook's son and daughter, my daughter, Janelle's daughter, & Greg's daughter

I went with my dad to the dog park, we went after Alison's bedtime because it was so hot during the day time. There were a lot of dogs and for awhile they were all playing together.

Lady liked sitting at my feet. She is a good dog.


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