Thursday, May 13, 2010

Last Day in Kentucky

Monday May 10th 2010

This morning we took Alison to the grandparents company that Uncle Rick runs. Alison was pretty fussy so the whole visit, which is unfortunate. I wish we would have had more time in Kentucky so we could have had a re-do with Uncle Rick so he could see how wonderful and sweet Alison really is. I think Ali is ready to go home and go back to a more stable schedule.

Uncle Rick

Fussy Ali meeting Uncle Rick.

After our visit with Rick we met up with Melissa and her boyfriend for breakfast at Wild Eggs.
Chris at breakfast.

Alison slept through most of breakfast

When she did wake up it was very cute

We ordered her a banana, her first time getting something out!

We had a really great lunch at some family friend's house, Mr and Mrs. M. They were so pleased to meet Alison. They remember meeting Chris when he was Ali's age.

Mrs. M with Alison

Mr. M with Alison

Ali and Mommy

Ali and daddy taking a nap

The lunch was really wonderful! And the table was so pretty. The roses in the middle of the table came out of their garden. Mr. M really has a lovely yard with lots of flowers!

We also went to the Derby Museum! I love museums and this was Alison’s first museum to ever visit. I know she will be seeing more museums in the future (thanks to my love of them). I just really like seeing little bits of history preserved and saved for the enjoyment of the passing generations.

The entrace to the museum is a starting gate, very cute.

Grandpa having some fun pawing the ground

Standing in the winners circle! well at least a replica :)

The Derby Museum also sported a ‘Horsing Around’ section that included a children’s art exhibit where local children’s art that was submitted in a competition was displayed. The first place winner’s art was not featured; there was a place marker that said it was getting framed for permanent display.

Grammy and Ali checking out the art.

This was the second place winner. I couldn't have done something like this when I was in 10th grade. What a talented kid.

The Derby Museum recently underwent a massive renovation (a few million dollars) and it was very clean and pretty. I think the most interesting thing I learned while at the museum was that when Chris was a sophomore in high school he went to prom with a Jr. girl-friend there. It is neat thinking that Alison and I are exploring the old stomping ground of our #1 man.

One of the new things they added was in interactive race! Chris and I played and he got first place, I got sixth. I guess I should mention that there were only six horses... guess I'm just not the best at video games, lol
Here Ali tries it out with Grammy.

We took a tour of Churchill Down, it was pretty neat. Here Alison is standing with daddy on one of the barriers around the winners circle.

The iconic towers.

I really like this picture.

Grandpa holding Alison during the tour.

Ali and Grammy found a little horse! (son't worry its plastic!)

Our last evening in Kentucky brought a lot of visitors. Aunt Dawn brought over some of her friends and unfortunately Alison was not in the best of moods. Her friends little boy, Jimmy, is a day younger then Alison! It was neat to see what a big difference in personality they have. He was such an easy going little guy and he seemed very happy to sit comfortably on his mom or dad’s lap (or anyone’s lap). I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to have a baby that didn’t want to be constantly moving, I would guess it would be really nice.

I got to hold little Jimmy and he was so relaxed it felt like holding a little sack of snuggly potatoes. It was really fun and I am glad Dawn wanted to share her friends with us. I hope we will be able to see them again next time we go to Kentucky. They were such a nice couple and they obviously loved and doted on their son and anyone who puts their kids first is tops in my book.

We also had a visit from Amber. She has been a good friend of Chris’ for a long time and embraced me as friend from the moment we first met (which was while Chris and I were dating). It was a lot of fun showing Alison off to her and she of course loved little Ali.

Melissa also came over bearing a box of Dairy Queen orange pops (yummy!) She brought them over as an early birthday celebration, her birthday is in a few days but we will be back home by then. I really wish we could have stayed a little longer to celebrate Melissa birthday with her but there is only so much we can do.

We really enjoyed our trip to both Florida and Kentucky. We are really blessed that Chris has a stable job that allows him to take time off, a baby who didn’t cry the entire time on the plane and our supportive family (who helped make the trip as inexpensive for us as possible, THANK YOU we REALLY appreciated it!) We love you all and are going to miss waking up to your beautiful faces and warm smiles.

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