Saturday, May 1, 2010

Marco Island Beach Day

Tuesday April 27, 2010

Today we drove to Marco Island where Chris’ grandparents used to live. The beach there was amazingly beautiful. There were so many shells!! I picked up some to bring back home. We walked down to the water and Alison seemed pretty interested.

Getting ready to go tot he beach!

Alison likes her Bjorn.

Great Grandpa sleeping on the beach

Great Grandma and her little Ali-Gator.

Chris and I.

Ali ended up taking a nap in her Pea Pod and Chris and I were able to leave her with the great grandparents and take a nice long walk along the beach. The water is much warmer than in San Diego.

We used a teething strip today on the drive back to Naples and it really seemed to work. I was surprised at how fast it worked, I thought it would at least take a few minutes but the effect was almost instantaneous.

We stopped at Publix! My favorite grocery store! They have the best yogurt; Publix brand Fruit on the Bottom is so good! I like banana strawberry, guava, passion fruit and almost all the flavors. They really taste more like a desert than a cup of yogurt. We also picked up some Baby Rice Cereal for Alison, she is going to try some cereal for the first time tomorrow. I am not sure how I feel about her eating real food. She is almost 5 months old but she is a big baby, she wears 6 month old clothes and also a few 9 month outfits. The doctor also told us that when she seems like breast milk isn’t as satisfying as it was to try giving her some cereal mixed with breast milk.

I’ll take some pictures and ask Chris to video this first food!

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