Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ali's First Jet Lag

May 13th 2010

Day at home… cleaning… unpacking…

Alison has jet lag. She is sleeping so much. She is such a little cutie when she is getting enough sleep. I do feel a little bad that she is having a time adjusting back.
The way she was sleeping made it hard to take her picture but I did take one! My little girl!

On a happier note! I am so happy for the 12 year old Edmond kid Greyson Chance! Edmond is where I grew up and it’s fun to be able to cheer for someone so young and talented. I watched him on Ellen today and he just seems so cute and sweet. Keeping my fingers crossed that he doesn’t turn out weird.


  1. I bet Alison is pretty when she sleeps. A picture of the princes sleeping would be appropriate here. I havn't seen a princis with jet lag in a long time.

  2. There is your picture! I did take one :) i guess its not too surprising considering I take a million pictures of the little cutie!