Sunday, May 16, 2010

House Work

Today we spent most of the day fixing up our house. Chris had his haircut today, same time same place, just like every week. And then we went to Home Depot!

We are FINALLY going to try and fix up our backyard! We have been living in our house for around 3 years and I had planted some pretty flowers with my dad (some tulips, a couple jasmine plants, daffodils and some daisies) but we let our renter (we rented out our guest bedroom for almost two years) bring his dog to live with us, an energetic lab mix who although nice yard friendly he was not. We gave up trying to fix the backyard while we had the dog.

This is the summer! There is no dog, I’m not pregnant and Chris isn’t getting deployed anytime soon! We are both pretty excited about transforming our ugly backyard into something usable. (usable space!!) Hopefully after we get things cleaned up we will be able to find some yard furniture at the Goodwill. Yard furniture is so expensive!

Today I sprayed weed and grass killer over all the flower beds and tomorrow we are going to start the pulling out process (although Chris has pulled enough weeds to keep us from looking too redneck). Today Chris worked his little butt off trying to clean the fridge and get the smell out!

Cleaning while enjoying the pretty so-cal weather

Chris put two fans by the fridge to help air it out. Also the little can inside on the freezer side, is supposed o help obsorb odors.

Here are some pictures of the backyard and our Home Depot flowers. We have our work cut out for us. This is actually kind of embarrassing, I guess all I can say is when the dog lived with us we totally gave up on the backyard and now well… it’s a mess. Our patio has junk on it and there are weeds everywhere. It’s going to be a lot of work.

left side


right side (and yes my ball is still outside)

And our messy porch

Hopefully a little hard work and some flowers like these will help revive our pathetic yard.
I don't know the names of all the plants we got but we did get some sweet basil and lavender. Hopefully they grow well, if they do I might get some more so our backyard will smell pretty too.

I forgot the name of this one...but we really like the purple and blue flower it produces. Almost all the flowers we bought are full sun and we intend to plant them in the middle section of the flower bed.
We are going to see how we do and if our attempt to grow something other then weeds doesn't fall flat we might plant a little more. :)

So this is where we are now, the before pictures. Hopefully in not too long of a time I will have some after pictures to compare them with. One step at a time!

Alison was so good today. The hairdressers at the salon cooed over her and made faces at her, she was very entertained. And at the Home Depot she loved looking at the flowers; I had to be careful not to get too close while I was carrying her becuase she was trying ot grab them! She took a long nap when we got home, woke up around 5 and spent some time hanging out with mom and dad before bedtime. She is having a hard time falling asleep, I hope teething doesn't last too long. Poor Ali it seems has been teething for quite some time and she has nothing to show for it but lots of drool and a strong bite!

Nite nite baby Alison!

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