Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fly to Kentucky and First Parade

Thursday April 29th 2010

Alison is 5 months old! I am so proud of our little love bug! A few things she has started to do and get better at are: grabbing things, putting her foot in her mouth, eating baby rice cereal, getting oh so close to sitting up on her own, teething (but no teeth yet!), traveled across the country!, is 15 pounds, and can sit and stand up really well by holding onto someone’s fingers.

Happy Five Months Alison!

Today we had to wake up at 4:30 in order to get dressed and catch our plane to Kentucky. We really hated to leave, as we had had so much fun with the Great Grandparents. I hope we will be able to visit them again soon. They are such a good example for us. We both really look up to them.
4 something in the morning, Great Grandma and Alison saying goodbye.

Alison was really good on the plane! She hardly cried at all but wasn’t able to fall asleep but for the briefest time.
"Wow, we're really up here!"
"Look at that sunrise mommy!"

This nap lasted about ten minutes, but she sure does look cute!

Alison just after eating on the plane.

Alison seemed interested in my cup of water so I let her try it and she did a really good job at taking a drink!

At our layover though… Alison’s diaper had a fail. She did her business and it came out the back of her diaper all onto mommy’s shirt! It was no fun.

I got Alison cleaned up and Chris went and bought me a new shirt to wear. When he came back with the shirt he was smirking, when he handed it to me I knew why. This is not normally the kind of shirt I would pick out for myself, but I will admit it’s funny and I do like pirates.

Chris also got me an I'm sorry you got pooped on candy bar.

When we landed in Kentucky Alison fell asleep. She crashed, Chris put her in the Bjorn and she looked like a rag doll. While we were walking through the airport a bunch of people were ‘oohing’ at how cute she looked. I guess everyone can relate to being that tired after riding on a plane.

She stayed asleep like this until we got to the car. It was pretty darn cute.

Because of Derby there were two ladies dressed in Derby outfits complete with hats handing out Bourbon balls (these yummy chocolate candies that are apparently a Derby tradition)

Here I am in the parkinf garage with my new shirt.

We arrived around noon so after we unpacked I was able to go on a walk with Grammy, Aunt Jessica and Aunt Jessica’s dog Elvis. Grammy and I took turns pushing Alison in her stroller. It was a pretty long walk (beautiful weather) and Alison slept almost the entire time. What a sweet baby girl.

On a walk with Grammy, Aunt Jessica and Elvis.

Alison attended her first parade today. The Pegasus Parade is a Derby week tradition. Chris explained to me that the Pegasus is a Louisville symbol. I don’t remember exactly what he said about it… but anyways the parade was wonderful and we made it through almost to the end when Alison decided that she was hungry and she had seen as much parade as she cared too. Her favorites were the bands she seemed to light up every time one of them marched by. Although Alison enjoyed watching the parade I think her very favorite part was watching all the children that were around us on the sidewalk watching the parade. She has never seen so many children before.

Here are some pictures from the Parade:

If there was a clown like this in California people would have thrown a fit. Whats the world coming too?

Chris told me about Louie the Lightning bug. He said when he was little and he went to catch lightning bugs he would call them all Louie "catching Louie" He was very excited to show him to Alison.
This float held the Derby Court, I had no idea there was a court, but I'm not really surprised. It was a beautiful float.

Mommy and Ali at the Parade

Ali is teething and taking it out on daddy's hand.

Grammy and Ali watching the parade.

and Grandpa and Ali watching the Parade. Alison was passed around as each of our arms got tired. She loved to be held.

After the parade we went back to Grammy and Grandpa's house and Aunt Melissa came over to meet Alison for the first time.

Alison and her Aunt Melissa

Daddy dressed Alison or bed for her first night in Kentucky in Daddy's old Kentucky home.

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