Wednesday, April 28, 2010


We have been spending a lovely time with the great grandparents and have been so busy! I don't have interenet access on the laptop where my pictures are so I have been writing down the text for my daily blog in a word document! Hopefully I will find some time while we are in Louisville. But don't worry I will have plenty of blog fodder to post, when I get around to it!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Getting ready to go on vacation is exhausting, you really need a vacation after all the work it takes! Also I think all this disturbance in our life is bothering Alison. She had a horrible time trying to fall asleep tonight.

Yesterday I was able to play with Alison a bunch, I was cleaning and doing laundry on the side but not packing. She loves to play and neither of us like it when she has to entertain herself. But today with the packing... poor Ali had to entertain herself quite a bit. Luckily she has a Bumbo so I can put her in that and surround her with her toys and move her to whatever room I happen to be in.

The new family room has been a complete blessing. I have a place to put the baby when I am cleaning in the kitchen, making tea or a sammy. I play a music CD for her and make faces at her and its just wonderful having her right there in my sight.

Here are some pictures from yesterday of the family room kitchen:

Hello baby Alison! thats a nice pink Bumbo!

Ok here is the kitchen, with cheese on the countertop :) Making hamburgers!

Her you can see the countertop. Its basically one big room with an island in between. See Ali playing with her lovie!
The family room isn't completly orgnized yet but its getting there, I think it looks good so far and it sure makes life easier!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Getting ready for the Big Trip!

Chris and I are getting closer and closer to being ready for our trip with Alison.

Chris picked up a stroller bag and a car seat bag from USA Baby today. Jessie told me about them yesterday during our visit. We were going to have the airlines wrap the car seat but the bag seems easier, faster and less likely to tear.

The professional pet sitter came by today and we worked out when we wanted her to come by and take care of the cats. Bless Jessie, she is going to to be feeding the cats the majority of the time we're gone. It really is heart warming knowing that Chris and I have someone who cares about us enough to help us out even though they have a lot of their plate as well. We are going to have to think of something super special as a thank you. Any suggestions?

The professional pet sitter is going to come over a few times and clean the kitty litter while we are gone. Jessie is doing so much for us already there was no way we were going to ask her to do kitty litter too! Especially since she will have her cute little baby Grady with her!!

I got some letters into the mailbox (some cards and a thank you note) and did some more house cleaning and organizing. I am trying to get the house ready to be baby proofed. By the time Alison and I are done visiting family she should be mobile. Scary!!! We have done very little to baby proof but I figured the first step was to clean and organize evrything. Wish me luck!!

Here are two of the cards we sent today. They are 'looking forward to seeing you' cards.

Here is the third. All the cards include a 'painting' and special note from Alison.
Unfortunatly the one she made for her Grandpa Gary and Granny Sandy didn't turn out, so we are going to have to think of something special to do for them! 

Monday, April 19, 2010

Mrs. Jessie's House!

Alison and I went to my good friend Jessie's house today to visit with her and her adorable little boy Grady. I haven't been able to spend as much time as I would like to with Jessie because she has had a slew of visitors! Everyone wanting to see Grady (he's so cute I can't blame them!) and of course see how motherhood is suiting Jessie.

I dressed Alison up in her new 'mommy-made' dress. I think she looked pretty darn cute! Here she is with her lovie.

She looks awefully sneaky in this picture!

Alison and Grady get along really well! Alison had fun playing footsie with Grady and even managed to grab his foot with her hand. It was awefully cute. Jessie and I didn't even notice when they started, lol, cute babies!

What a handsome baby!

I tried to get Alison to take a nap in Grady's pack and play but she wasn't having it. I took her dress off because I thought the knots in the back might have been keeping her awake, no. Finally we gave up and let the babies play together again.

Can you believe that Ali is 10 weeks older? They look like they could have been born on the same day!
Smile Grady!
Alison really liked Grady's quilt
And of course I had to hold the little cutie!!

I had so much fun today! I love visiting with Jessie, I am going to miss her so much when she moves!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hanging out at Home.

Today we just stayed at home. I made faces at Alison and got her to giggle a few times. She really likes her new lovie. I wish I would have taken a picture her playing with it... but she is already in bed... here is a picture of her lovie sitting alone on the couch.

Her lovie, a little kitty connected to a paci, she doesn't suck on the paci, just chews it, lol.

Here I'm making faces at Alison while she lays on her daddy's legs.
What a pretty smile.
Alison is such a little blessing.

I worked on some arts and crafts projects this weekend. I've been doing some more embroidery on the Winnie quilt (if it turns out well its going to be a gift, we have a friend who really likes pooh. He doesn't have any kids yet but I am pretty sure baby #1 is going to be showing up in the next couple years), I finished a dress I made for Alison, and I embroidered on a onsie. The dress and the onsie are in the wash right now, I'll take a few pics when they come out. The onsie is actually too small for Alison its size 3 months but I had already tea stained it (makes it look like a fancy organic cotton instead of a gerber straight from the pack).

Ok, here they are!
back (I hate making button holes so if I can get around it I do!)

and a little embroidery!
Here is the onsie, I think it turned out ok... I kind of wish I would have left the bow off though...oh well! still cute!

Franch Cafe

Saturday I met up with Franch Cafe, my social group, at Baby Cakes our usual meet-up spot. I wheeled Alison along with me. I am really enjoying the new stroller, wish we would have gotten one earlier!

Here I am talking with Mark, Alison is sleeping in her stroller/car seat.

I really like going to baby cakes. The shop is really cute and the cupcakes are really yummy and come in fun flavors. I normally don't eat while I am there but instead bring a little box home to share with Chris. This time we got 5 cupcakes Blood Orange with Blueberry (super yummy!), Mocha, Vanilla Raspberry, Chocolate Raspberry, and Hazelnut. They were all really great. I think my favorite flavor that I've had there so far is Pistachio, a cute little green cupcake.

Conversation was good. David, our head organizer, is a language teacher so he is always teaching us about how to remember things, mainly the past tense everyone has trouble with that! He is a really nice guy and we are really lucky to have such a talented and committed person as our organizer. Mark (the person pictured above) is extremely patient and always talks with me. He speaks about 5 languages, he is really smart.

Alison was really good! I won't be surprised if she picks up a few words in French. She loves listening to everyone talk.

One more thing.... Alison for the first time was mistaken for a boy. Normally I dress her up in really cute little girl clothes but I dressed her in a 'Louisville' t-shirt. and a black skirt with attached black pants. The guy who commented said "What a cute little boy!" so at least he thought she was cute!  

Friday, April 16, 2010

Baby Stuff!

Today the majority of the stuff we ordered off Amazon came in and I was able to play with it, I mean... Alison was able to play with it.

Here she is trying on her new sunglasses in the Snap and Go Stroller, it's a frame that our car seat snaps into:
Tres chic!

Alison got pushed around the house in her new stroller, tomorrow we might all go for a real walk outside. She seemed to enjoy her stroller once I started to push her around, normally she doesn't like being in her car seat. In fact, she fights us everytime we try to strap her in. I guess she doesn't know that we are just trying to keep her safe.

We also got the Pea Pod in today and Alison loves it! We spent at least an hour playing in it and then she took a nap in there as well.

Here she is in her Pea Pod all zipped up!

One hand hanging on to Sophie the Giraffe and the other to Monkey, what more could a girl want?

Alison really likes her Pea Pod!

I know its Friday but here is Thursday!

We got up super Early (Thursday) to take Alison to her doctors appointment. She was a doll the entire time with the exception of the five minutes she cried after getting her shots (and who could blame her!)
Doctor listening to Ali's big baby heart!

I kind of like the doctor! and my fingers!

The appointment went well, Alison is in perfect health. She weighs 14 and 1/2 pounds now, she was born 7lbs 13oz, so she is gaining weight and growing perfectly. Daddy was able to come with us because it was so early in the morning. I really wanted him to be able to come. He holds Alison when she gets shots. And after its over I cuddle her. (He is good at keeping her distracted).

Alison took a big nap when we got home and we just took it easy for the rest f the day.

Chris made dinner, it was really good. seared tuna!

he made a pretty plate for his wife.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Chris and I have been putting some money aside to buy some helpful stuff for our trip to Florida, Kentucky and Oklahoma! (although the Oklahoma trip will be just Alison and I)

What we got:
1. Baby Bjorn
2. Sun hat
3. Snuggle kitty doll with attached pacifier
4. Sun glasses and case (wrap around ones she can't pull off in white)
5. Snap and go stroller
6. Pea Pod (a sleep bed for Ali)

We were able to get the Bjorn and sun hat at the exchange, everything else we got off Amazon. I am really excited to get everything in the mail!
Here is a Pea Pod: it's a little baby tent with an air mattress, and as you can see it folds up rather well.

I really hope the sunglasses fit Alison. I bought a pair for her at Target but they were too big and too easy for her to pull off (although she really didn't seem to mind wearing them).
Here is the picture posted on Amazon of them: I know kind of dorky but they will protect the eyes of my most favorite little person in the world.  

Well tomorrow Alison has her 4-month old doctor appointment. She is getting some shots, I am not looking forward to it.  Wish us luck!

We might be stopping at my friend Jessie's house to visit with her and her baby son (he is ten weeks younger then Alison) afterwards. It depends on how Jessie is feeling, she wasn't feeling too well earlier this week. I hope I get to spend some quality time with Jessie before her and her husband move, they are planning a move across the country in a few months.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The New Girl Scouts

I wish I had a picture of me as a Girl Scout but I'm afraid that's tucked away somewhere at my parents house (if there is one). I loved being a girl scout! I remember going to meeting and making things, earning badges and just having fun with my friends. I remember the Girl Scout Code (ir at least some of it) 'On my honor I will try to serve God and my country, to help people at all times and to live by the Girl Scout law"

I was sad to learn today from one of my church friend's Joyce that if I were to go to the Girl Scouts today I would find something different then the Christian founded organization I enjoyed as a youth. She was going to help organize a troop for her daughter and her friends, went to the training and found out that the code's changed and that Planned Parenthood is a major supporter. Christain values are thrown out in favor for a more politically correct scout organization. Read this to find out more.

It seems that Alison is going to be a Heritage Girl instead of a Girl Scout, which is sad becuase I had saved a lot of my old girl scout stuff in case I had a daughter. My friend Joyce said she quit the training from the Girl Scouts becuase she just didn't agree with their new agenda. 'As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord' Joshua 24:15.

Poor Alison!

April 12, 2010
I went to check on Alison around 9:30pm. She was so tired when we got home we just put her in her crib directly from her car seat without changing her clothes. I thought she feel alseep quite soundly, I didn't hear a peep! But here she is:

Little legs poking out of her crib!

Passed out but somehow flipped over and not where we left her! Good thing she has a nice safe crib to sleep in! We always put her to bed on her back and in the middle of the crib.

Of course I couldn't just leave her like this. I woke her up, fed her, put some bunny pajamas on her (her Great Grandma and Grandpa Brown sent her an Easter care package with several super cute bunny outfits!). She wan't too happy to be woke up but a fresh diaper and some milk soon made her ready to fall back asleep. 
Goodnight Baby Alison!

Monday, April 12, 2010


This morning I was surprised by a gift from my mom! She sent me 3 pairs of earrings and a bracelet that says 'MOM'. I had no idea she had gotten me a a gift so it was a complete surprise! Unlike me, my mom is able to keep a secret (I can but I'm pretty terrible when it comes to gifts!).

Here is what she sent! They came with a little pink travel jewelry bag.
It's my second piece of mom jewelry and I love it! My first piece I got from my husband for Christmas and it’s a beautiful necklace with a mother and baby forming a heart with a little diamond at the base (I'll take a picture of it sometime)

This evening we met up with some good friends Chris and Niah and their two beautiful children. They are moving away so we were able to have a lovely goodbye dinner. It's really nice to go out to eat with other people who have young children. It's nice to have people who are in the same situation as you.
Here I am showing off my new jewelry before we left for the restaurant.
Thanks mom!

Chris called the IRS today to see about our refund. He filed our taxes ages ago (January!) and we still haven't gotten our refund. :-( This is him after spending 40 minutes of his life on the phone.

Here is Alison all dressed up to go out and eat. We are re-introducing the pacifier but she is very fickle about it. Sometimes she really loves them and other times she could care less about them.

Alison fell asleep on the way home and is sleeping like a rock. plans but who knows what could happen!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Alison's First Concert

My French group got together again for a concert at Balboa Park's Spreckles Organ Pavilion. They were featuring a French opera singer. I brought Alison along too! Her very first concert!

Saying goodbye to daddy! He was too tired to come with us.

Here she is in her sun hat with the world's largest outdoor organ in the background.

The opera singer and the organist.

Here we are after the concert. It was wonderful day for a first concert!

They let us go up on the stage and sit on the organ bench.

Here we all are with the organist and the singer.

My group was able to speak with the singer as well. She was very pleasant. I didn't speak very much to her since the conversation was in French. I just thanked her for complimenting Alison on her cuteness and told her who Alison was. But it was interesting to listen! I feel like I am picking up and remembering more French every time I go to a meeting.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

French Cafe

Today my social group, French Cafe, had a picnic in La Jolla! It was a really busy day at the park (I saw two weddings). I had to park pretty far from the park we were picnicing at but it was a really beautiful day and I suppose its not too horrible having to walk along the beach.
The walk was about a mile, I really want to take Chris and Alison back here sometime.

I have never actually seen someone painting with a tiny easel and looking all hippi-ish but I did today!

in fact I saw two people painting on tiny easels. Their paintings were actually really good.

I walked by the seal beach. I took my dad here once when he visited.

Another pretty picture from my walk.

After a mile of walking and enjoying the beautiful weather I got to the park and spotted the French flag, yea my French group!

Franch Cafe picnic.

I had a really great time. Chris stayed at home with Alison but I was able to bring him back some spicy dumplings! I am not that great at speaking French but I can understand what people are talking about if not every word. One of the organizers gave me a CD to help me learn, its really great. I like that the CD really focuses on pronunciation.

 Everyone asked about Alison (she comes with me sometimes) I thought that was really nice. I was able to tell them that "Elle est a mon maison avec mon mari" or 'she is at my house with my husband'.

I also tried caviar for the first time! I found it to be salty but not bad.

My piece of bread and caviar.
On my walk back to the car I spotted this seagul looking into the distance. I imagine he is thinking about all the seaguls he has loved and lost over his bird life...

part of the path I was walking on.

Although I had a lot of fun at the beach today I was glad to come home to my wonderful husband and my little Alison. I wish Chris would have come with me but he really isn't intereted in French language or culture. But I suppose it allows Chris to have some daddy time with Alison and I am sure he really enjoys that.  

Here is a pretty picture of a sailboat that I took for my dad's sake. My dad loves sail boats and this one looked very pretty sailing out in the ocean. I took this picture during the picnic. We had a really great picnic spot.