Saturday, April 10, 2010

French Cafe

Today my social group, French Cafe, had a picnic in La Jolla! It was a really busy day at the park (I saw two weddings). I had to park pretty far from the park we were picnicing at but it was a really beautiful day and I suppose its not too horrible having to walk along the beach.
The walk was about a mile, I really want to take Chris and Alison back here sometime.

I have never actually seen someone painting with a tiny easel and looking all hippi-ish but I did today!

in fact I saw two people painting on tiny easels. Their paintings were actually really good.

I walked by the seal beach. I took my dad here once when he visited.

Another pretty picture from my walk.

After a mile of walking and enjoying the beautiful weather I got to the park and spotted the French flag, yea my French group!

Franch Cafe picnic.

I had a really great time. Chris stayed at home with Alison but I was able to bring him back some spicy dumplings! I am not that great at speaking French but I can understand what people are talking about if not every word. One of the organizers gave me a CD to help me learn, its really great. I like that the CD really focuses on pronunciation.

 Everyone asked about Alison (she comes with me sometimes) I thought that was really nice. I was able to tell them that "Elle est a mon maison avec mon mari" or 'she is at my house with my husband'.

I also tried caviar for the first time! I found it to be salty but not bad.

My piece of bread and caviar.
On my walk back to the car I spotted this seagul looking into the distance. I imagine he is thinking about all the seaguls he has loved and lost over his bird life...

part of the path I was walking on.

Although I had a lot of fun at the beach today I was glad to come home to my wonderful husband and my little Alison. I wish Chris would have come with me but he really isn't intereted in French language or culture. But I suppose it allows Chris to have some daddy time with Alison and I am sure he really enjoys that.  

Here is a pretty picture of a sailboat that I took for my dad's sake. My dad loves sail boats and this one looked very pretty sailing out in the ocean. I took this picture during the picnic. We had a really great picnic spot.

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