Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Cleaning!

(April 1)
Yesterday I was too tired to blog. So I am going to make it up to you with TWO blog entries today! here is a BIG one:

I recently read a review for a book on Amazon, just the review, I don't even remember the name of it but it talked about de-cluttering your life and how that makes your living space not only easier to clean and organize but makes you feel better. It really hit a cord with me and since then I have been trying to simplify my life.
My first project was my closet. When I was pregnant I cleaned my closet and organized it. But even though it was clean and organized it was not de-cluttered.
Here are some pictures from the closet de-cluttering. I was so amazed at how much junk I had that I took pictures, lol.

There is the PILE of clothes that I have since moved into a plastic bin to be donated (its in the garage waiting for the Salvation Army people to call). Also I'm donating the dresses that are hanging on the door frame. Some of those I wore when I was 16! Time to go!

Here is the pile of hangers I amassed:

And I thought I needed more hangers!

Here is my closet now:

The hangers back in the closet.

The most surprising part of the closet transformation (which I did March 5th) is that I don't miss any of the clothes that I threw out! I feel better walking into my closet knowing that everything in there is something I would wear out in public. The only bitter-sweet part is I need to get some more clothes to replace some of the clothes that I threw out. I'm going to wait awhile though so I can lose a little more baby weight. (Isn't calling it baby weight a lot nicer sounding then fat? lol) Can you tell I'm proud of my cleaning efforts?

With my clothes situated I decided to tackle Alison's clothes.

I decided to put Alison's clothes in the guest bedroom. We normally fold her clothes in there anyways and it just makes things easier.

Here is a picture of Alison's guest bedroom dresser drawers:

The pajama drawer followed by the burp cloth recieving blanket drawer.

Someday I hope to put baskets on the shelves in Alison's room so we can have a bit more storage in there but that cost money (and a trip to the store) and using what we already have is here and free!
My project yesterday was a bit harder then organizing clothes and it's what left me soo tired. Chris wasn't home to help so I did all of it by myself, whew!

I switched my dining room with my formal living room! I had to unscrew the table top off my table to move it and boy was it heavy! I also had to move a love seat and a desk that was in the garage. Switching the rooms gives us more usable space (bless that book review!)
The old dining room, now the Family Room (isn't that friendly?), is much bigger! I moved the love seat (my cute little couch that I really do love) and my old vintage desk in there and put my sewing maching on top (I have a designated sewing space!!!).

I want to put a rug down and make some big floor pillows but I think we will try and get a desk for the hubs first.
Tomorrow I have plans to go visit the Burgeson's new baby (they were able to take her home today!) and then Alison and I are leaving with my good friend Nurse-Mom Tawny to go camping!! Alison and I are not planning on staying the whole time because it is Easter weekend but who knows we might!

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