Monday, April 12, 2010


This morning I was surprised by a gift from my mom! She sent me 3 pairs of earrings and a bracelet that says 'MOM'. I had no idea she had gotten me a a gift so it was a complete surprise! Unlike me, my mom is able to keep a secret (I can but I'm pretty terrible when it comes to gifts!).

Here is what she sent! They came with a little pink travel jewelry bag.
It's my second piece of mom jewelry and I love it! My first piece I got from my husband for Christmas and it’s a beautiful necklace with a mother and baby forming a heart with a little diamond at the base (I'll take a picture of it sometime)

This evening we met up with some good friends Chris and Niah and their two beautiful children. They are moving away so we were able to have a lovely goodbye dinner. It's really nice to go out to eat with other people who have young children. It's nice to have people who are in the same situation as you.
Here I am showing off my new jewelry before we left for the restaurant.
Thanks mom!

Chris called the IRS today to see about our refund. He filed our taxes ages ago (January!) and we still haven't gotten our refund. :-( This is him after spending 40 minutes of his life on the phone.

Here is Alison all dressed up to go out and eat. We are re-introducing the pacifier but she is very fickle about it. Sometimes she really loves them and other times she could care less about them.

Alison fell asleep on the way home and is sleeping like a rock. plans but who knows what could happen!

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  1. JG didn't tell me about it either until the day they were suppose to arrive. Then she told me. JG was really proud of herself,. She thinks about her daughter and granddaughter all the time.