Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Chris and I have been putting some money aside to buy some helpful stuff for our trip to Florida, Kentucky and Oklahoma! (although the Oklahoma trip will be just Alison and I)

What we got:
1. Baby Bjorn
2. Sun hat
3. Snuggle kitty doll with attached pacifier
4. Sun glasses and case (wrap around ones she can't pull off in white)
5. Snap and go stroller
6. Pea Pod (a sleep bed for Ali)

We were able to get the Bjorn and sun hat at the exchange, everything else we got off Amazon. I am really excited to get everything in the mail!
Here is a Pea Pod: it's a little baby tent with an air mattress, and as you can see it folds up rather well.

I really hope the sunglasses fit Alison. I bought a pair for her at Target but they were too big and too easy for her to pull off (although she really didn't seem to mind wearing them).
Here is the picture posted on Amazon of them: I know kind of dorky but they will protect the eyes of my most favorite little person in the world.  

Well tomorrow Alison has her 4-month old doctor appointment. She is getting some shots, I am not looking forward to it.  Wish us luck!

We might be stopping at my friend Jessie's house to visit with her and her baby son (he is ten weeks younger then Alison) afterwards. It depends on how Jessie is feeling, she wasn't feeling too well earlier this week. I hope I get to spend some quality time with Jessie before her and her husband move, they are planning a move across the country in a few months.


  1. Good luck Alison with your doctor's appointment. Also good luck to Mom. It will be over quickly and it really doesn't hurt. Well, doesn't hurt long.
    I love the tent/air matress. I hope Alison likes it too. You can put those sunglasses on her with a tin cup full of pencils and she would make a fortune.

  2. Yea I am really excited for the tent bed, it will be something we can bring along with us to the beach, park, Boompa's house, anywhere. And she will hae a soft place to sleep/play and shade. Meredith