Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Poor Alison!

April 12, 2010
I went to check on Alison around 9:30pm. She was so tired when we got home we just put her in her crib directly from her car seat without changing her clothes. I thought she feel alseep quite soundly, I didn't hear a peep! But here she is:

Little legs poking out of her crib!

Passed out but somehow flipped over and not where we left her! Good thing she has a nice safe crib to sleep in! We always put her to bed on her back and in the middle of the crib.

Of course I couldn't just leave her like this. I woke her up, fed her, put some bunny pajamas on her (her Great Grandma and Grandpa Brown sent her an Easter care package with several super cute bunny outfits!). She wan't too happy to be woke up but a fresh diaper and some milk soon made her ready to fall back asleep. 
Goodnight Baby Alison!

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  1. It will not be long before she will be crawling out of her bed and leaving the room. She is really growing fast. She is a pretty little girl. I am really sorry I cannot be with her as a baby.