Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Getting ready for the Big Trip!

Chris and I are getting closer and closer to being ready for our trip with Alison.

Chris picked up a stroller bag and a car seat bag from USA Baby today. Jessie told me about them yesterday during our visit. We were going to have the airlines wrap the car seat but the bag seems easier, faster and less likely to tear.

The professional pet sitter came by today and we worked out when we wanted her to come by and take care of the cats. Bless Jessie, she is going to to be feeding the cats the majority of the time we're gone. It really is heart warming knowing that Chris and I have someone who cares about us enough to help us out even though they have a lot of their plate as well. We are going to have to think of something super special as a thank you. Any suggestions?

The professional pet sitter is going to come over a few times and clean the kitty litter while we are gone. Jessie is doing so much for us already there was no way we were going to ask her to do kitty litter too! Especially since she will have her cute little baby Grady with her!!

I got some letters into the mailbox (some cards and a thank you note) and did some more house cleaning and organizing. I am trying to get the house ready to be baby proofed. By the time Alison and I are done visiting family she should be mobile. Scary!!! We have done very little to baby proof but I figured the first step was to clean and organize evrything. Wish me luck!!

Here are two of the cards we sent today. They are 'looking forward to seeing you' cards.

Here is the third. All the cards include a 'painting' and special note from Alison.
Unfortunatly the one she made for her Grandpa Gary and Granny Sandy didn't turn out, so we are going to have to think of something special to do for them! 

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  1. I am looking forward to the big trip too. Especially the last few weeks of your trip. I hope Alison remembers me. We will have fun over the holidays. "Take Your Granddaughter to Work Day", "Take Your Grandaughter to the Zoo Day", Take Your Grandaughter to Church Day", Take Your Grandaughter to the Dog Park Day"... Are we going to have fun over the Holidays.