Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hanging out at Home.

Today we just stayed at home. I made faces at Alison and got her to giggle a few times. She really likes her new lovie. I wish I would have taken a picture her playing with it... but she is already in bed... here is a picture of her lovie sitting alone on the couch.

Her lovie, a little kitty connected to a paci, she doesn't suck on the paci, just chews it, lol.

Here I'm making faces at Alison while she lays on her daddy's legs.
What a pretty smile.
Alison is such a little blessing.

I worked on some arts and crafts projects this weekend. I've been doing some more embroidery on the Winnie quilt (if it turns out well its going to be a gift, we have a friend who really likes pooh. He doesn't have any kids yet but I am pretty sure baby #1 is going to be showing up in the next couple years), I finished a dress I made for Alison, and I embroidered on a onsie. The dress and the onsie are in the wash right now, I'll take a few pics when they come out. The onsie is actually too small for Alison its size 3 months but I had already tea stained it (makes it look like a fancy organic cotton instead of a gerber straight from the pack).

Ok, here they are!
back (I hate making button holes so if I can get around it I do!)

and a little embroidery!
Here is the onsie, I think it turned out ok... I kind of wish I would have left the bow off though...oh well! still cute!

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  1. What a pretty girl. She is so happy especially when you are taking pictures. You seem very happy too.