Thursday, April 8, 2010

Daddy Is Home!

Chris came back from his work trip today! Thank goodness. I missed having him around. It doesn't feel complete when he's not here and I don't sleep as soundly. I think it takes a toll on all of us.

I hung up Alison's 'Welcome Home Daddy' sign on the front door, Chris really liked that. I also made him his favorite brownies, they are brownies and chocolate chip cookies mixed together, a box mix from Betty Crocker. I mixed up some powdered sugar and a tiny bit of water in a sandwich bag to make some simple easy icing, cut the tip off and spelled "Welcome Home Daddy' on the brownies. Chris was impressed and very pleased when he got home.

He didn't come empty handed for us either! He got Alison and I both a box of Presidential M&Ms! I've never seen them before and they aren’t something you can just go out and buy! They are President Obama M&M's and since Chris was working with Obama's Aviation supply people he was able to get a set for me and the little girl. I remember reading about them from Halloween. The press made a big deal about what the Obama's were handing out (they really seem more like a reality TV show family then the first family sometimes).

Our Presidential M&Ms!

I feel sorry for his daughters; it must be something else to have a president for a father especially during an economic depression. I know when I see Michelle and the girls on the news because they have flown to see a Broadway play I always think 'must be nice'. We, the ordinary everyday American, couldn't afford to to jet off to New York but I suppose they need to get away too and if I was in their shoes it might be nice to have a little fun mixed in with all the scrutiny. Also you notice that they have to go without their dad which must suck too, I would have hated it if my dad was the president. I like spending time with him too much to share him with an entire country.

Back to Chris coming home. Alison was really happy to see her daddy. I wasn't sure what to expect, if she would even have even noticed that he was gone. She was all smiles when I handed her to Chris. She was very content to just sit in his lap and listen to him talk to her, which is something for our always wants to be moving baby.

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