Thursday, March 31, 2011

Torry Pines Nature Reserve

Today Mom and I went to Torry Pines to walk on the trail with a mom's group I recently joined in an attempt to make some San Diego friends. It was really great other then the fact that I thought that since we were walking in a nature preserve and bringing the kiddos that it would be centered around the kids! I was wrong, it was a mom exercise group! We (Alison, Baba and I) met the other moms a little after 9:30 and I knew we were prepared for very different things! They all had their fancy baby carriers and I was out there with the impression that I would let Alison have a good time exploring the flowers, dirt, rocks and other outdoor elements. Well, what ended up happening is Baba, Alison and I did our own walk while the moms group hit the trail. No complaints other then I wanted to meet some other moms in San Diego and I ended up not getting to know any of them. The good thing is we had an amazing time and had I not gone to the meeting I would have never known about the Torry Pines Trail!

Anyways here are some really great pictures I took from today!

Starting the trail

What is all this sand!
There is a road that goes next to the trail, so even if you can't/don't want to walk it
you can still enjoy the trail from your car.

Alison, (covered from head to toe in sun screen) exploring the greenery

Walking up the trail with a pretty view in the background

Checking out the dirt

There is so much to look at!

Sun Bonnet Sue checks out the sand bags

Mom gives Ali a shoulder ride. We almost made it to the top of the hill before we decided that turn around. We got to see this beautiful view and then we started heading down.

Having fun!

On the way back down Alison found some flowers!

Mommy went to look at the flowers with Alison

After we 'hiked' the trail we spread out our picnic blanket and set up a chair for Baba on the beach.
We packed a nice little lunch and enjoyed watching and listening to the ocean.

Eating a cracker and watching the ocean

Alison really seemed to enjoy sitting on Baba's lap

Alison had such a big fun time at Torry Pines that soon after we started home she fell right to sleep!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Date! Hanging out with Baba! And Yea for Outside!

Chris and I recently got to go on a date! Baba stayed home to watch Alison and Chris and I went on a walking tour in the gas lamp district of downtown San Diego. It was pretty fun. We stopped at a few places to eat and learned some interesting things about San Diego. It was fun to be outside, learn a few things and walk around holding hands without worrying about Alison.

I didn't take very many pictures but I thought this building was too pretty not to take one of
March 26th

This building used to be where Horton Plaza (the downtown mall) is now.

Famous San Diego dog, apparently he wondered the streets during early San Diego days and was given the name Bum. People tried to adopt him but he preferred wandering and visiting bars where bar patrons would feel him beer. He is apparently in a lot of early San Diego pictures. He also lost a paw to a train after he got in a fight with another dog and that paw is missing on this statue.

Chris listening to our tour guide

March 27

Baba and Alison hanging out

March 28th

Dada and Alison reading her new book (she loves this book!!)

"What are you doing mommy?"

Chris and Baba got Alison some balls and Chris taught her how to kick!
She loves kicking the ball around!

Whew...after kicking the ball around its time to read some more!
Alison loves reading!

Baba went out to get some stuff form the grocery store and brought back some pretty flowers!

March 29th

Alison's big toy got moved to the back yard! Now that the weather is really lovely we want to play outside as much as possible!

Alison likes to push the swing (but doesn't like to swing in it!)

Alison figured out how to use sidewalk chalk!!
She added some lovely lines to the heart I drew!

Alison's first time using side walk chalk!

Love this pic.

Nice picture of Lucy. She is doing as well as ever.

Alison playing with mommy's keys

Going through her toys!

So many to choose from!

Now that's a happy kid!

More reading!

I was in a big picture taking mood today. I am having so much fun with Alison. She is learning so much and is such a joy to be around. Not saying that she doesn't have her moments!
She is very sneaky!! Whenever we open the fridge to take something out we have to keep an eye out for Alison because she will sneak up behind you and snatch something out of the door! Today she grabbed a coke, a water bottle and tried to get the mustard!

Friday, March 25, 2011

First Day of Playgroup!

Alison, daddy and I went to the Waldorf School of San Diego today for a playgroup!
Baba took some 'first day of school pictures' before we left.

Alison likes to make silly faces

We thought it would be fun to take a few in front of our front door!

Ready to go!

It was raining today so the whole class was done inside.
Here is a picture of the school. It looks like an old church converted into a school.
Chris met Alison and I in the front office and the Director of Admissions took us on a mini tour of the classrooms.

Alison after her class!
She had such a good time! It was really neat to see her have fun with other children. She was so active and friendly that no one would have guessed it was her first day!
She laughed and played. The class started by meeting inside for some playtime. Alison played with blocks and followed the other children around. Normally the first part of playgroup would be playing outside but since it was raining we stayed indoors
. We had circle time where we sang little songs and bounced the kiddos on our legs and tickled them, Alison really wanted to get up and play some more! But she had fun bouncing on mommy and daddy's legs (we took turns)
 Then we cleaned up the classroom and had snack time! Alison got a nice hot bowl of oatmeal, some toast and fresh blueberries! She wasn't very hungry though because we had fed her right before we left home (Oatmeal).
After snack time Chris had to leave to go back to work. Alison and I went back into the play area of the classroom and they had set up a big tube for the kids to crawl in and out of. Alison didn't want to crawl in the tube but she had a blast pushing it around and peering inside at the other kids.
After they explored the tube for awhile, it was put up and we played on these rocking boards like a curved skate board with no wheels) and sang row row row your boat while rocking the kids on the boards. Alison wasn't interested in being on the board, she danced instead! She was very good the whole class.
We ended with some more circle time and the teacher going to each child rubbing their hands with some lovely smelling oil and singing a song just for them. Alison really liked that part, she started singing with the teacher.
That's how it went! There were about 5 other children in the class and mainly mothers but there was another mom and dad and son group, a dad and son group and a grandma and grand-daughter group. Everyone was really nice and Alison had a lot of fun.
The only thing negative about the school is that the building is really old and in a part of town that isn't so nice. But there is another Waldorf school north of us we might try that one out if we decide to sign Alison up for playgroup again. She really loved the class, it was the first time she was able to play with a group of children her age.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Things have been going really well around the our house. My mom is here visiting and its been a real blessing for our family having an extra set of hands around here! Its also good for her as there is a lot of change going on in Oklahoma. My brother is moving into an apartment and out of my parents house and at the same time my beautiful Grandmother is moving in with my parents. So there is a lot fo stuff going on!

Alison and Baba watching her Your Baby Can Read video 

Yes, this is a bag of frozen sliced bananas.
The neat thing about frozen bananas is they can turn into ice cream!

This is the frozen banana after going through the food processor.
Just banana, nothing else.

My banana hating daughter eating banana 'ice cream'
She liked it! Bananas are not on my diet but I HAD to try it, and it was really good.
It taste like fancy ice cream, I was really impressed. 

Random picture of Chris

My friend Emily came over and we did a little crafting together.

End result - cute potholder!

Spending some time in the back yard with Baba. Drinking a juice box and enjoying some sun!

Alison reading in the car

I love books!

Alison is learning how to drink out of a cup and she is doing a pretty good job!
Happy baby drinking some milk

Alison loves brushing her teeth. So much so that we have a hard time getting the tooth brush away from her when she's done.

Baba putting pajamas on Alison.

I did a fat quarter swap with a friend of mine in New York, Sara, and these are the ones she sent me! I wish I would have taken a pic of the fat quarters I sent her, they were Peter Rabbit and very cute. She wants to use them for a baby quilt.

My dining room has been transformed into a sewing room!

Here are some pictures of my skirt! I finished it but haven't taken a picture yet.

Baba bought Alison a bubble blower and they spent some quality time in the back yard playing with bubbles! Grandma Carolyn was able to watch through Skype!

They keep popping!


More bubbles!

Alison at our community park with her ball.

Alison doesn't like to be on the swing but she loves to push it!

Patting the bench in the park

She really had a good time patting the bench. (BTW Baba made this pretty pink dress for her! Isn't it cute?)

Alison is getting really good at showing us where her body parts are when we ask her. She can show us her nose, teeth, belly button, head, hair and what she is showing now her ears!

Exploring the park

We went to Chicken Pie Diner! It was really good and Alison was having fun trying to color.

Alison loves her monkey.
She will walk around the house carrying him. (or one of him as she has 3 out and one in storage just in case!)

Prettiest girl in all of California!

Work in progress. I read about doing hand embroidery with Crayola tinting. You do the transfer then color it, iron it to set the crayon color, and embroider! It sounded so interesting I had to try it out for myself! The only thing left is to see how well it washes! If it does a good job I am thinking about maybe making a few and putting them together for a doll blanket for Alison.

I made bread! AND its really good! I made some bread for the first time ever. Alison really likes it and making it was pretty fun!

Ali-gator got a box of love and clothes from Grandma Carolyn and Grandpa Frank!
She had fun pulling the clothes out and got a surprise at the bottom, a book!
She loves loves loves the book!

Alison checking out her new book

Turning the pages

After all that reading ma-ma decided Alison could use some home made bread!
Alison really seems to like it which makes me feel like million bucks.

Little Monster!
Alison loves taking all her books out of the book shelf and pulling all her toys out!
When she sees a clean playroom the first thing she does is pull all her toys and books out!
Good thing she is so darn cute! And can you see what she ended up doing after pretending to be a tornado?

Yep, she's reading a book!

March 24
Mommy and Alison at the community park today!
It was a little chilly so we made sure Alison was bundled up!

Baba and Alison playing with the musical toys at the park.

Alison hitting the bells with a stick

Alison had a good time watching the other children

My beautiful little daughter

She had fun following the big kids around but didn't get too close!

Tomorrow Alison, daddy and I are going to the Waldorf School of San Diego for the Morning Glory Playgroup! We are going to sign up for the Spring session. Her playgroup will be on Fridays every week. Tomorrow daddy is going to try and go but normally it will just me Alison and I. Waldorf schools focus on age appropriate play with lots of outdoor and cooperative play. (if you want click on Waldorf School of San Diego to check out their web site)

I will take my camera and get a picture of the school. Anyways we have been telling Alison all week that she is going to school on Friday I really hope she likes being in a playgroup!