Thursday, March 31, 2011

Torry Pines Nature Reserve

Today Mom and I went to Torry Pines to walk on the trail with a mom's group I recently joined in an attempt to make some San Diego friends. It was really great other then the fact that I thought that since we were walking in a nature preserve and bringing the kiddos that it would be centered around the kids! I was wrong, it was a mom exercise group! We (Alison, Baba and I) met the other moms a little after 9:30 and I knew we were prepared for very different things! They all had their fancy baby carriers and I was out there with the impression that I would let Alison have a good time exploring the flowers, dirt, rocks and other outdoor elements. Well, what ended up happening is Baba, Alison and I did our own walk while the moms group hit the trail. No complaints other then I wanted to meet some other moms in San Diego and I ended up not getting to know any of them. The good thing is we had an amazing time and had I not gone to the meeting I would have never known about the Torry Pines Trail!

Anyways here are some really great pictures I took from today!

Starting the trail

What is all this sand!
There is a road that goes next to the trail, so even if you can't/don't want to walk it
you can still enjoy the trail from your car.

Alison, (covered from head to toe in sun screen) exploring the greenery

Walking up the trail with a pretty view in the background

Checking out the dirt

There is so much to look at!

Sun Bonnet Sue checks out the sand bags

Mom gives Ali a shoulder ride. We almost made it to the top of the hill before we decided that turn around. We got to see this beautiful view and then we started heading down.

Having fun!

On the way back down Alison found some flowers!

Mommy went to look at the flowers with Alison

After we 'hiked' the trail we spread out our picnic blanket and set up a chair for Baba on the beach.
We packed a nice little lunch and enjoyed watching and listening to the ocean.

Eating a cracker and watching the ocean

Alison really seemed to enjoy sitting on Baba's lap

Alison had such a big fun time at Torry Pines that soon after we started home she fell right to sleep!

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  1. Oh wow! I miss these days. I have three children and the youngest is three, but these early days of discovery are the best! I know everyone says it, but they really do go by too quickly! =)
    Kristina J.