Friday, December 30, 2011

New Camera!!!

Chris surprised me with my new camera!! I had no idea that he had ordered it, I have been talking about getting my new camera for awhile now and am so excited it's here!! My very own camera! 
Pretty huh? Its a Cannon S100 and it works really well. 
I don't know much about cameras but I do know that it takes great pictures and is pretty easy to use even though I haven't read the instructions yet....I will....eventually....

I won't show you the first picture ever taken with this camera because my husband took it and I promptly made him delete it. The way he surprised me with my camera was to sneak up on me while I was taking a relaxing bath, snapped a picture and said "Look honey its your new camera!"
Sounds like Chris huh?

Here are my first pictures with the new Camera
Alison got a new pink blanket from our good friends Evan and Jessica and she really likes it, Buddy the stuffed dog managed to poke his head into the picture too.


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Walking Around with Grandma and Grandpa!

Our last day in Naples. We decided to take things easy since tomorrow is going to be full of traveling.
We have had so much fun being here and have really enjoyed getting to see everyone. Its been a blessing being able to take two weeks off to spend with Grandma and Grandpa. I hope we will be able to do it again soon!
One of the lovely things about where Grandma and Grandpa live is all the places to stroll around and how beautiful they are.

Alison looking cute and having fun!

It was wonderful to see Alison's bond with her great grandparents grow stronger during our visit.

"This way Grandma!"

Stopping for a break, well everyone but Alison!

Alison checked out the rocks, flowers and grass!
She really enjoyed picking up handfuls of gravel.

Walking down the path

Happy Alison and Happy Grandma

Running ahead to catch up with Grandpa.

Chris and I are in love with how beautiful Naples is. All the green grass and trees. We really had a good time being outside and soaking up the warm weather.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Marco Island

Grandma and Grandpa used to live on Marco Island. Chris has some really great memories there and I do as well (although not as many!). While we were dating I went out to Marco and stayed with his grandparents and had a really great time.
The water felt really good, and the sun was shining down.

After the beach we went to a playground and let Alison run around for awhile.
She found a friend!

On the swing with mommy!

We really like the botanical garden and wanted to go see it again during the day 
We got lunch and Alison and I ran around on the open grass area.

She had a really great time!

There was also a water area for the kids, Alison was a little intimidated by the water so mommy tried to show her that it was OK.

Of course there were a lot of beautiful flowers at the garden!
We had a really great time checking things out and playing in the water.
Before bed we took a sunset golf cart ride.
Alison isn't the only one who likes to ride in the golf cart!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

Its obvious that the doll Santa brought was a hit!
When we took her into look and see what Santa brought she immediately started chanting
"Doll!! Doll!! Doll!!"
A big kiss for her new doll

Mommy interrupted her doll love by putting her new hat on

Alison got several books!
She asked Great Grandma to hold doll while she read

So many new books!
This one is an alphabet book from Grandma and Grandpa!

Opening presents! 
(a wireless keyboard and fuzzy socks)
Alison had fun opening presents too!

But spent most of the morning examining her new books!
Star Child was a hit! You can see the little Ostheimer dolls from mommy and daddy sitting next to her.

Mommy thought Alison looked really cute in her hat!
Alison thinks doll looks really cute in her hat!

Alison's Christmas presents!

We went out for Christmas dinner and Alison found a Christmas tree in the foyer!
Of course we brought doll with us....we might need to get doll some dress up clothes in the future....
Nothing better than a smiling kid on Christmas.

Discretely checking out the tree 

Also in the foyer was this amazing Christmas village gingerbread house display.
It really makes me want to make a gingerbread house too!
A family Christmas picture! 
The purple velvet shirt was one of my Christmas gifts from Chris.

Alison and Mommy
I really love this picture

Time to go back to Grandma and Grandpa's house!
At their retirement community their are golf cart paths leading to everywhere making getting places fun and easy. Alison really loved going for a ride in the golf cart!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Alison is asleep in her bed, and Santa came to fill her basket with goodies! (stocking was at home)
A doll, a hat, a gnome and a little wood truck.

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Lions and Tigers and Cars, Oh My!

If you know Chris, you know that he loves movies. Especially ones from the 80s like 'Back to the Future'
So of course when we saw that there was a DeLorean Dealership we had to stop by and let Chris drool over some stainless steel cars.

One of the gentlemen that worked there was really awesome. I wish I could remember his name....but he showed Chris, Alison and I around the whole place showing us and telling us neat things about the DeLorean.
This is the original prototype. (above)

In the show room there were a couple DeLoreans that were open to sit in and peruse. 

Chris was excited to have a seat

Alison enjoyed sitting in the car too!

Mommy had to try it out too!

Chris wanted to recreate the 'Back to the Future' movie poster.
My favorite part is the little girl checking the car out in the background.
 Today we also made a trip to the Naples Zoo!
Brightly colored birds, the first thing we see in the zoo.

They, no kidding, had a alligator show. 
It was really interesting and a little scary to see the zoo guys so close to the massive creatures.

I think this guy might not care so much for his hand....
They told us about some really interesting thing, like how the alligators blood is really adept at fighting off infections and how its being used to make medicine for people.
This little turtle, munching on some grass.

This little girl, munching on a graham cracker.

We really enjoyed the giraffes and ate lunch on a bench in front of their enclosure.
Here a zoo keeper is feeding them their lunch.

To see the monkeys, you get on a little boat. The monkeys are kept on their own little island and the boat weaves between the islands and the driver tells you about the monkeys and what their names are.  

Our little monkey with daddy
Mort and King Julian