Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tis The Season

Things around here have been pretty busy. Alison and I had our last day of Parent Child Class at the Waldorf School of San Diego for this session this past Friday and we have been getting ready for the big trip to Florida to visit Grandma Carolyn and Grandpa Frank. We are really looking forward to it but there is so much to get done around here before we can go!

Today was St. Lucia Day and I had planned on making Lussekatter, a traditional Swedish saffron bun, and having daddy help Alison serve it for breakfast, then we decided that 5AM before daddy goes to work is too early to celebrate a holiday and decided to push it back to afternoon. Well...it didn't happen. Alison loves the little St. Lucia doll I made for her and maybe next year things will be a bit more put together.

Since we are leaving for Christmas I gave Chris his stocking stuffer tonight. I got him the blue version of my water bottle.
Chris with his new blue water bottle.

Some pictures I would like to share:
 Alison's St. Nicholas coloring page taped up on the cabinet.
 We decorated candles in the parent child class and here is the one Alison and I did!
 We also made wet felted (wool) balls. I did a few different colors.
Lucy was kind enough to pose for the picture.
These wool balls are like Nerf balls for Waldorf kids.
 This is the book we got this year for reading St. Nicholas stories from.
I really learned a lot, we will have to keep our eyes out for a book on St. Lucia.
 My German Pyramid!
We had an accident with a ball hitting the pyramid but luckily with a little super glue it looks just fine!
Unfortunately the heat from the candles doesn't seem to be enough to make it spin anymore but that's ok, it still looks beautiful on our table. Maybe if Chris gets some time he can figure out whats up.
 I made a couple tins of brownies to give. This one is for our teacher of the Parent Child class.
Since we won't be making it for the last class before break we are going to drop it off at the front office for her. She is such a great lady I hope we will be in her class for the next session.
 Here is Alison's ornament hanging on the tree. Alison likes to walk by the tree and touch it and turn it around very gently. For a 2 year old Alison is extremely gentle.
My mom and dad got us a Christmas present they let us open early!
My mom knows how much I like doing crafts so she got us this paper cutter! It cuts out detailed shapes in paper and fabric. I have been so busy lately I have just kept it under the tree! Once things settle down someone is going to be getting a thank you card made with it.

I hope you all are enjoying the season, drinking hot chocolate and hugging your family!
I love how even though its cold outside Christmas time is full of love and warmth.

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