Friday, December 23, 2011

Lions and Tigers and Cars, Oh My!

If you know Chris, you know that he loves movies. Especially ones from the 80s like 'Back to the Future'
So of course when we saw that there was a DeLorean Dealership we had to stop by and let Chris drool over some stainless steel cars.

One of the gentlemen that worked there was really awesome. I wish I could remember his name....but he showed Chris, Alison and I around the whole place showing us and telling us neat things about the DeLorean.
This is the original prototype. (above)

In the show room there were a couple DeLoreans that were open to sit in and peruse. 

Chris was excited to have a seat

Alison enjoyed sitting in the car too!

Mommy had to try it out too!

Chris wanted to recreate the 'Back to the Future' movie poster.
My favorite part is the little girl checking the car out in the background.
 Today we also made a trip to the Naples Zoo!
Brightly colored birds, the first thing we see in the zoo.

They, no kidding, had a alligator show. 
It was really interesting and a little scary to see the zoo guys so close to the massive creatures.

I think this guy might not care so much for his hand....
They told us about some really interesting thing, like how the alligators blood is really adept at fighting off infections and how its being used to make medicine for people.
This little turtle, munching on some grass.

This little girl, munching on a graham cracker.

We really enjoyed the giraffes and ate lunch on a bench in front of their enclosure.
Here a zoo keeper is feeding them their lunch.

To see the monkeys, you get on a little boat. The monkeys are kept on their own little island and the boat weaves between the islands and the driver tells you about the monkeys and what their names are.  

Our little monkey with daddy
Mort and King Julian 

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