Monday, December 26, 2011

Marco Island

Grandma and Grandpa used to live on Marco Island. Chris has some really great memories there and I do as well (although not as many!). While we were dating I went out to Marco and stayed with his grandparents and had a really great time.
The water felt really good, and the sun was shining down.

After the beach we went to a playground and let Alison run around for awhile.
She found a friend!

On the swing with mommy!

We really like the botanical garden and wanted to go see it again during the day 
We got lunch and Alison and I ran around on the open grass area.

She had a really great time!

There was also a water area for the kids, Alison was a little intimidated by the water so mommy tried to show her that it was OK.

Of course there were a lot of beautiful flowers at the garden!
We had a really great time checking things out and playing in the water.
Before bed we took a sunset golf cart ride.
Alison isn't the only one who likes to ride in the golf cart!


  1. Hi, Beaut photos, and I love the doll Santa brought, cheers from New Zealand, Marie

  2. Thanks! I am a little in love with her doll too :) Alison has since named her 'May'. I love that she came up with the name all by herself.