Friday, February 24, 2012


Alison loves to color and I love to color with her. Alison seems to like it when I color a picture and give it to her to color on although she has made some very lovely doodles on her own. 
I really love that I made something we actually use! 
(I made Alison and her little friends crayola rolls for her 2nd birthday)

Alison is almost as interested in the crayons themselves as she is in coloring!
Please excuse the box and the little pile of stuff in the background!
We are slowly going through things and packing stuff up or putting it boxed to garage sale/donate.

"I wonder if this will work on my foot?"

"Hi Mommy!"
I took this picture from the landing on the second floor.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


.We are moving to Japan!!

Oh goodness! We were very surprised to learn that our next duty station is going to be in Okinawa Japan!
I am excited about living in a foreign country but not so excited about being so far away from all my family. 
It positively makes California seem next door to everyone.

Right now everything has shifted focus to 'getting ready to move'.
My parents are driving out here next month to help us with a few things. My brother has kindly agreed to take in our cat and my parents are taking in my dear little lizard Naghenie. So they will be going back to Oklahoma with my dad while my mom stays with us for a while. She is going to watch Alison while we start going through things and packing up stuff and probably have a giant garage sale.
We are moving end of July. So we have about 5 months to get ready!
I was really bummed that our second child wouldn't meet anyone until he/she was 2 almost 3 years old but my parents, who were planning on coming to San Diego for the birth, are planning on flying all the way to Japan! Both of them!! I couldn't be happier. It will be such a relief having them there to take care of Alison while the hubs and I get down to the business of having a baby.

There are so many changes going on for us right now that we are really treasuring the quiet moments where we can just be together as a family and enjoy each others company.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Sorry my post are skipping days but to be honest we haven't been doing too much around here, I have been really really tired. It would seem that instead of being really sick like I was with Alison I'm just tired all the time. Chris is gone for a work trip but I still got a special Valentines Day delivery in the mail today!
The flowers, purple roses, are from Alison. She helped daddy pick them out at the store over the weekend.
The little boxes however are Valentines from Daddy!

Things have been gradually added to our seasonal table including a Valentines day card from Grandma Carolyn and Grandpa Frank!

The card that came with our yummy treats

Fancy strawberries

Fancy little cheesecakes
Alison and I ate half of the white one today, it was really good!
Looking forward to trying out the other ones too :)
Thank you Daddy for the wonderful treats and the nice little card!

Want to know what I got Daddy for Valentines Day?
It's a batman mug he used to have but wore out. We ordered two of them so he could use one while the other was in the dishwasher. Now he doesn't have to drink coffee out of my Disney "Once a Princess, Always a Princess" mug.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Official Test!

Alison in the waiting room at the clinic, she enjoyed switching between the chairs. 
 I wanted everyone to come to the clinic for the official pregnancy test and now we are officially pregnant. 
We thought about keeping quiet about the pregnancy for awhile but we both really like sharing exciting news. Alison is going to make one great big sister!

We are having a little party at our house tomorrow to celebrate and announce our pregnancy!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Sunday, February 5, 2012

We're Pregnant!!

I have been itching to make this post but we wanted to make sure we personally told everyone first. But I'm pregnant! We took 2 home pregnancy test today and they both came out positive!

We are both surprised but really excited to be welcoming another kiddo into the world! We are truly blessed! We thought taking it on Super Bowl Sunday would be a good omen, one of our dear friends had her son on a super bowl Sunday so we figured it was a good day for babies :)

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Ava and Angie came over to play and have some lunch.
Alison was so excited to have Ava and Angie over. She showed them her toys and talked up a storm.
I didn't take very many pictures which is unfortunate since the girls played so well together.
Angie and I worked on making little Valentines gnomes!

After our play/lunch date and nap time, Alison and I cleaned up the seasonal nature table to update it for February! I cut out some pink hearts for Alison to color. As you can see she took her job very seriously and did a fantastic job.

Here is the gnome I made today with Angie!
Ready for Valentines Day!

Little hands playing with her nature table. The red candle was actually Alison's addition.
Mommy glued and hung up Alison's heart art.

I picked up the little heart shaped stones at the school store and Alison lined them up just to her liking <3

*One last thing,  tutorial from Wee Folk Art, I got the little cape inspiration from them but I only used the glue to make the hat stay on. The rest of the gnome's clothes are completely sewn, I like to sew up a little tube and use a gathering stitch around the neck and that secures it nicely.

Friday, February 3, 2012

New Session of Playgroup!

We started our new session of playgroup at the Waldorf school and this session we added bread baking!
All the kids and parents got a little ball of dough, we added some raisins and cinnamon and shaped them into little loaves. It turned out really well!
Maybe next week Alison will actually touch the dough, lol.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Music Class!

This is my 350th blog post! I can't believe how the time has flown by!
Ava and Angie invited us to join them at their music class!

Alison took a little bit to warm up to the new environment but then jumped right in playing with the other kids.

My little cutie venturing out away from mommy.
Coming back

They had fruit shakers for the kiddos and Alison found an orange

and a little yellow egg
The teacher played the guitar and all the kids has their own little guitars,
Alison preferred the shakers though.

On the way out we walked by a toy fire engine in front of a gym. 

Alison and Ava playing together in the fire truck.
These two get along so well.