Saturday, February 4, 2012


Ava and Angie came over to play and have some lunch.
Alison was so excited to have Ava and Angie over. She showed them her toys and talked up a storm.
I didn't take very many pictures which is unfortunate since the girls played so well together.
Angie and I worked on making little Valentines gnomes!

After our play/lunch date and nap time, Alison and I cleaned up the seasonal nature table to update it for February! I cut out some pink hearts for Alison to color. As you can see she took her job very seriously and did a fantastic job.

Here is the gnome I made today with Angie!
Ready for Valentines Day!

Little hands playing with her nature table. The red candle was actually Alison's addition.
Mommy glued and hung up Alison's heart art.

I picked up the little heart shaped stones at the school store and Alison lined them up just to her liking <3

*One last thing,  tutorial from Wee Folk Art, I got the little cape inspiration from them but I only used the glue to make the hat stay on. The rest of the gnome's clothes are completely sewn, I like to sew up a little tube and use a gathering stitch around the neck and that secures it nicely.

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