Wednesday, February 15, 2012


.We are moving to Japan!!

Oh goodness! We were very surprised to learn that our next duty station is going to be in Okinawa Japan!
I am excited about living in a foreign country but not so excited about being so far away from all my family. 
It positively makes California seem next door to everyone.

Right now everything has shifted focus to 'getting ready to move'.
My parents are driving out here next month to help us with a few things. My brother has kindly agreed to take in our cat and my parents are taking in my dear little lizard Naghenie. So they will be going back to Oklahoma with my dad while my mom stays with us for a while. She is going to watch Alison while we start going through things and packing up stuff and probably have a giant garage sale.
We are moving end of July. So we have about 5 months to get ready!
I was really bummed that our second child wouldn't meet anyone until he/she was 2 almost 3 years old but my parents, who were planning on coming to San Diego for the birth, are planning on flying all the way to Japan! Both of them!! I couldn't be happier. It will be such a relief having them there to take care of Alison while the hubs and I get down to the business of having a baby.

There are so many changes going on for us right now that we are really treasuring the quiet moments where we can just be together as a family and enjoy each others company.

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