Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wait a Minute Mr. Postman!

This morning we dropped daddy off at the airport and he took with him his camera! Luckily he will be back Friday and I will have birthday party pictures posted hopefully this weekend.

Alison reading a pop up book featuring cute animals
A rainbow of Thank you cards!
They looked so pretty all together I had to take a picture!
We went out to the mailbox and it was perfect timing as our mailman was just pulling up.
We handed him our little rainbow and he handed us our mail.
Alison thought he was pretty neat and even put her hand out and he shook it.
Big adventure for a little girl!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Playing Outside

One of the great things about San Diego is the weather. We spent quite a bit of time outside today playing.
I made Alison this little top when I was pregnant, 
I didn't know it was going to take so long for her to grow into it!

Time for a nap!
Last day of being a one year old!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Alison's 2nd Birthday Party!

Alison's 2nd Birthday Party was today!
Mommy made a cake

We put out crayons and paper to color on.
Alison got to wear a pretty birthday dress.

We played outside
 Had fun in the swing
 Watched people playing golf
 More swinging
Ate some pizza and fruit with our friends
 Alison loves pizza but surprisingly not that into the chocolate milk (even though she loves chocolate)
 Still teething
(I embroidered a special party bib for Alison too!)
 Was sang to and got to blow out the candle!
 Enjoyed cake.
 Opened presents.
 Alison loved her new books and wanted to read them right away!
Notice the little boy on the stairs?
 Decorated canvas bags with iron on fabric crayolas.

Happy Birthday little girl!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

Happy Black Friday! 
If you went out shopping I hope you found some good deals! I know Boompa got a new Dremel tool! 
We stayed at home. There wasn't anything we needed to get and we were tired from yesterday and getting ready for tomorrow. Alison is having her second birthday party tomorrow!
Her little friend Ava isn't going to be able to make it but Caiden and his family are going to be here!
I set out the little table Boompa made me when I was in college so the kids have a place to color!
I put the normal crayons out in a little glass cup and set it on top of a pot holder that my Grandma Edith made! This particular pot holder is Alison's favorite so we always keep it with her toys.

For the party favor I made crayon rolls and put them in a canvas tote with some cupcake stickers and a pad of doodle paper.
I thought it would be fun to use Crayola Fabric Crayons to decorate the totes.
I went ahead and made Alison's bag so Caiden can see what the colors will look like after they are ironed onto the bag.
I really like the Fabric Crayons! I just wrote Alison's name on a piece of transfer paper, flipped it over and used the crayons to trace the letters in the color I wanted, ironed it on the bag and voila! A custom tote!
I am really looking forward to seeing what Caiden (who is 4) will come up with! 
I can't wait till Alison is old enough to draw more than scribbles; I see these totes decorated with fabric crayoned Alison art in our gifting future! 
I picked up some pretty flowers today!
The vase is sitting on my favorite Grandma Edith pot holder :) When grandma gave us (my cousins, brother and I) the pot holders we were teenagers and didn't really need them but she said someday we would like them and I really really do! Thanks Grandma Edith!
The butter dish was a gift from Grandma Carolyn and the vase actually belonged to my great grandma.
I love things that have been made or passed down, it just makes them special!
Our dining room decorated and ready for tomorrow!
Alison's birthday ring. We are going to wait till her actual birthday for this.
I picked up this little shelf when I went out to the thrift stores a couple weeks ago,
and today Chris hung it up for me!
I love it!
A music box that belonged to my great grandma has found a new home atop the shelf!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Alison was on her very best behavior and we were able to spend the holiday with friends! Alison has grown so much since last year!

The picture is a little fuzzy but its the only one of me!
 Alison had a good time running the length of the kitchen
 A really good time!
"Here I come!"

I am thankful for my family and friends. For all the little blessing we take for granted like being healthy and having enough food to eat. We are truly blessed.

Monday, November 21, 2011


Alison and I went shopping today. We needed to gather food stuffs for Thanksgiving and I needed to go to Joannes for some pink sewing machine thread. I am still working on Alison's little dress. It takes me forever to finish a project, even if the pattern says easy!

Alison decided she wanted to take Madeline along.
She carried her the whole time we were gone.

More often Alison wants to take a baby over her monkey comfort item.

"I want to take a picture!"

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Alison is having her birthday party this weekend! Since we are only inviting 2 other children I really wanted to make special party favors. I decided on a crayon roll! They are pretty easy to make (although I will admit the first one I made I scrapped and then added an inch to my pattern). I made 3 rolls, 2 for the invited kiddos and one for Alison.
 Here are the pieces laid out on my ironing board. The girls are getting fruit ones but I decided it looked a little too girly with the pink fruit for a boy so made a solid blue one for him. He is old enough that he might be interested in using some fabric crayons on it to make it his own.
Finished! Ric-rack trim and a pink ribbon!
Rolled up little bundle!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Blanket Fort!!

My dear friend Tawny is expecting her second child, a little girl, and today was her baby shower. I car pooled with another friend Sarah since the shower was being held and hour and a half away. While I was having a great time at the baby shower. Daddy and Alison were at home playing and daddy even did the dishes for me!
Tawny opening a gift surrounded by family and friends.
  Tawny is a military wife as well and is luckily stationed in San Diego not too far from where she grew up.
I wish my family lived a little closer! It would be so nice to be able to drive a couple hours and be at their door.
I did miss Alison, when I got home I wanted to do something extra special fun with her so I made a fort or "Alison's house" out of chairs and blankets. She loved it!
"Alison's house" in all its glory
 Big Smile!
Giving her little red gnome a kiss!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Daddy Socks

Today Alison and I went to our parent child class. I returned "Seven Times the Sun" to the parent lending library in the Morning Glory classroom.The book helps you enrich your daily rhythm with songs and little suggestions on family activities.

I started working on a little St. Lucia doll for Alison yesterday.
It's about 90% complete. This is the 4th wire wrap doll I've made and I think I'm getting a little better at it if not any faster lol.

Alison is normally ready for a nap after our class but today she was wide awake!
I took advantage of her happiness and visited the school store. I got Alison a little gnome (a red one) and I got a Christmas gnome project kit! If this one turns out well I might get the Holy Family kit. This kit was $5 and I believe the Holy Family kit is $8. I really love our school store. They always have the best prices. (Sorry I couldn't find a link to Annima Designs, if you do please let me know!)

This picture is actually from yesterday.
Doing laundry is always interesting with Alison around.
Here she is trying on daddy's socks.