Saturday, November 26, 2011

Alison's 2nd Birthday Party!

Alison's 2nd Birthday Party was today!
Mommy made a cake

We put out crayons and paper to color on.
Alison got to wear a pretty birthday dress.

We played outside
 Had fun in the swing
 Watched people playing golf
 More swinging
Ate some pizza and fruit with our friends
 Alison loves pizza but surprisingly not that into the chocolate milk (even though she loves chocolate)
 Still teething
(I embroidered a special party bib for Alison too!)
 Was sang to and got to blow out the candle!
 Enjoyed cake.
 Opened presents.
 Alison loved her new books and wanted to read them right away!
Notice the little boy on the stairs?
 Decorated canvas bags with iron on fabric crayolas.

Happy Birthday little girl!

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