Saturday, November 5, 2011

Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival! I have been looking forward to this all season! Seeing all the Waldorf families and friends playing, making crafts and raising money for the school! Alison did pretty good. She is still teething and so she isn't feeling 100% sugar and spice and everything nice but that's ok we all have off days.

Alison participated in some of the activities set up for the little kids, we went 'fishing' and caught a pretty purple felt star fish and went on a treasure hunt and Alison got 5 pretty tumbled rocks in a little bag.

Home made goodies! Alison loves chocolate chip cookies just like daddy!

What a pout!
We wanted to get Alison a Waldorf doll for her Christmas present and we wanted to let her help us pick it out (there were 5 dolls) but the first one we showed her she fell in love with and didn't want to let go of. the first one I handed her was the one that looked like her, blond hair, blue eyes and a sweet little face.

Alison's doll is completely hand made, including hand spun yarn. This doll was made by the Q'ewar Project, an organization that helps women in Peru gain economic independence if a safe working environment.  
What a sweet face!

We also got Alison a warm hat!
The school has a parents crafting group, they (unfortunately for me) meet every other week or so after early morning school drop off, of course Ali isn't getting dropped off and I don't have anyone to drop her off with. The group is considering doing evening crafting if there is enough interest (I really hope there is!) then Chris would be able to watch Alison. Anyways they made this little wool yarn knit hat! I picked one that was a little big on Ali so hopefully we will be able to get a few cold seasons out of it.

Overall we had a really fantastic time! We got to play games and eat cookies! Drink fresh pressed apple cider and we ran into Alison's Morning Glory teacher Ms. Amenta! Alison loves her teacher (me too!) She has really great advice and is so gentle and calm with the kids. I find myself thinking about how she reacts to situations that occur in the class when I am 'problem' solving at home.

We really love the school and Alison is always so excited to be there. I hope we are able to stay a little longer in San Diego! I love being a military family and am so proud of Chris but I really feel that we have made a nice life here and it will be sad to have to leave it, but going somewhere new is exciting and full of its own rewards too. It will be interesting to see how things work out! We should be finding out sometime in the next few months (hopefully).

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