Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bless Everyone!

Have you noticed that I take a lot of pictures of Alison eating?

Eating is such a restive time, for the most part. And I love watching her dexterity improve.
Apple sauce is really interesting
Our dining table display. 
Since it's Thanksgiving season we put out the plush Turkey that used to belong to Chris' mother who has since past on. I like having a little something on our table to make it pretty. The doily is almost always there but everything else changes.
Our mealtime rhythm has fallen into place (with some help from WSSD
Before we eat we light the candle and recite the verse:
"Light a candle like a star each is helpful where they are"
Alison says her blessing and then mommy says a prayer.
Alison likes the blessing we say at school and I love hearing her say it

"Bless the earth
Bless the sun
Bless this food 
Bless everyone"

Then mommy says a prayer and we eat.
Alison really likes to say "AMEN" when the prayer is over.
When we are finished eating Alison helps blow out the candle and we clean up (well mommy cleans up!).

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