Saturday, November 12, 2011

Putting around with Pottery

I have always thought that pottery painting was really neat but I had never actually done it so when one of the mom's from our Waldorf playgroup called me up and asked if I would like to go I answered with an immediate "yes!"
We decided on painting a mug and a Christmas ornament.
The colors will come out more purple after they are fired in the kiln.
The mug is going to be my Christmas present from Alison this year! 
We had wanted to make a bunch of ornaments but Alison didn't really like having paint on her hand lol.
Alison likes using the paint brush but wanted mommy or daddy to "help please!"
This all took place at Hillside Artisans Children's Boutique in San Diego. This was my first time there and I plan on going back! They have some really cute wood toys, colorful clothes and adorable yet sturdy shoes. They have a little area off to the side where we painted, from what I understand they have different work shops there for parents and kids.

Now! Pictures from Chris' camera!

We should be getting our pottery and a couple weeks.I am really excited to see the finished project!

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