Monday, November 14, 2011

First Haircut!

Big Day! Alison's hair has been in her eyes for a few weeks now so we made an appointment with our good friend and hair stylist Michell to have those crazy bangs trimmed up!

 As you can see they are pretty long
 No matter how we brush her hair, it does what it wants!
 "Daddy's cape"
 "And here is your cape Alison!"

 Alison got to hold a comb while Michelle tried to cut her hair.
 "Mommy do I have to?"
 Michelle was really patient.
 Alison didn't really want her bangs trimmed...
Michelle found out that distracted by a Kit Kat candy Alison would hold still enough for a quick bang trim!
There are her beautiful blue eyes!

I took the video with one hand and took pictures with Chris' camera in the other!
There is a pre-candy video where you can watch 3 minutes of Alison pushing Michelle's hands away if you want: CLICK


  1. Your little girl is pretty! I'm new to blogger so I don't really know how this works...I responded to your comment on my blog and then realized I didn't know if it would send you a message that I responded....anyway, what I said was I am glad you commented because your blog was the first blog I attempted to follow and found out that my dashboard doesn't work. So when I opened up blogger the next day your site was gone and I couldn't find it back. I'm glad to find it now, I enjoyed reading what you wrote! Keep writing!

  2. Thank you! And thanks for letting me know! As far as I know Blogger doesn't give you any notice about comments, it would be nice if they did though!