Saturday, November 19, 2011

Blanket Fort!!

My dear friend Tawny is expecting her second child, a little girl, and today was her baby shower. I car pooled with another friend Sarah since the shower was being held and hour and a half away. While I was having a great time at the baby shower. Daddy and Alison were at home playing and daddy even did the dishes for me!
Tawny opening a gift surrounded by family and friends.
  Tawny is a military wife as well and is luckily stationed in San Diego not too far from where she grew up.
I wish my family lived a little closer! It would be so nice to be able to drive a couple hours and be at their door.
I did miss Alison, when I got home I wanted to do something extra special fun with her so I made a fort or "Alison's house" out of chairs and blankets. She loved it!
"Alison's house" in all its glory
 Big Smile!
Giving her little red gnome a kiss!

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  1. Forts are always such fun and a wonderful tradition to carry on! Great fun for parents and kids!!