Sunday, November 20, 2011


Alison is having her birthday party this weekend! Since we are only inviting 2 other children I really wanted to make special party favors. I decided on a crayon roll! They are pretty easy to make (although I will admit the first one I made I scrapped and then added an inch to my pattern). I made 3 rolls, 2 for the invited kiddos and one for Alison.
 Here are the pieces laid out on my ironing board. The girls are getting fruit ones but I decided it looked a little too girly with the pink fruit for a boy so made a solid blue one for him. He is old enough that he might be interested in using some fabric crayons on it to make it his own.
Finished! Ric-rack trim and a pink ribbon!
Rolled up little bundle!

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  1. The crayon rolls are truly a delight. Love the bright colors and very well made. I see someone's talent is really starting to shine again.