Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Sorry my post are skipping days but to be honest we haven't been doing too much around here, I have been really really tired. It would seem that instead of being really sick like I was with Alison I'm just tired all the time. Chris is gone for a work trip but I still got a special Valentines Day delivery in the mail today!
The flowers, purple roses, are from Alison. She helped daddy pick them out at the store over the weekend.
The little boxes however are Valentines from Daddy!

Things have been gradually added to our seasonal table including a Valentines day card from Grandma Carolyn and Grandpa Frank!

The card that came with our yummy treats

Fancy strawberries

Fancy little cheesecakes
Alison and I ate half of the white one today, it was really good!
Looking forward to trying out the other ones too :)
Thank you Daddy for the wonderful treats and the nice little card!

Want to know what I got Daddy for Valentines Day?
It's a batman mug he used to have but wore out. We ordered two of them so he could use one while the other was in the dishwasher. Now he doesn't have to drink coffee out of my Disney "Once a Princess, Always a Princess" mug.

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