Friday, December 30, 2011

New Camera!!!

Chris surprised me with my new camera!! I had no idea that he had ordered it, I have been talking about getting my new camera for awhile now and am so excited it's here!! My very own camera! 
Pretty huh? Its a Cannon S100 and it works really well. 
I don't know much about cameras but I do know that it takes great pictures and is pretty easy to use even though I haven't read the instructions yet....I will....eventually....

I won't show you the first picture ever taken with this camera because my husband took it and I promptly made him delete it. The way he surprised me with my camera was to sneak up on me while I was taking a relaxing bath, snapped a picture and said "Look honey its your new camera!"
Sounds like Chris huh?

Here are my first pictures with the new Camera
Alison got a new pink blanket from our good friends Evan and Jessica and she really likes it, Buddy the stuffed dog managed to poke his head into the picture too.


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