Saturday, January 7, 2012


It's been awhile since I've gone through how much Alison has changed so let me take the opportunity. 
Alison is speaking more and more clearly.
She is still reading well and loves her books!
She knows who people are. 
She loves going to playgroup at school.
She sings all the time including songs that don't really have words or that she has just made up.
She doesn't like to try new things but is getting a little better about it.
Loves apples.
Loves her baby dolls and stuffed animals.
Likes to 'take pictures' with my old camera and even makes the "ka-chh" camera noise and says "smiles" while posing in front of the mirror.
Is totally a daddy's girl.
Is mommy's little angel.
Has discovered "no"
Loves to go shopping.
Likes to color with crayons.
Likes to go through mommy's purse.
Really enjoys putting shoes on and picking out which ones she wants to wear.
she doesn't narrate her running by yelling "running" anymore (I sure am going to miss that!).
Has gone back to not really liking baths after several months of really liking them.
When ever a phone rings she says "Mommy's phone"

She is growing up so fast I know there are bunch of little things each day that are changing. She is speaking more clearly and is leaning so much! We feel so blessed to be able to watch her grow up and be apart of her precious little life.

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