Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mommy's Little Helper

When Alison is in her high chair I like to give her a normal, albeit child sized, glass.
At first she would dump it all down her front, but now only a few dribbles.

You can see her left hand fingers are a little purple-blue, Alison really likes freeze dried blueberries.
Unfortunately they make a little bit of a mess so its a high chair or mommy super supervision only food!
She is proud of herself for drinking out of a big girl glass and really seems to enjoy doing it.

I ordered a doll high chair and a doll buggy for Alison, both in natural wood. They were deeply on sale and I was thrilled to get them for Alison. She has some serious baby doll love, especially May and her stuffed dog Buddy (who you can see was stuffed first, white fur, into the top part of the high chair).
Alison was very excited about the doll high chair and wanted to help mommy put it together. It took a little longer with her help but she sure was proud of herself.  
Oh yes also since we visited Claudia in Naples Alison has necklace love as well, its so cute! Claudia had a box of necklaces for Alison to play with when we visited her and Alison loved it! So now she has some at our house to play with (supervised of course) as well.

Testing out the high chair!
The doll buggy unfortunately was missing a wheel in the packaging so I will show a picture of that when its complete. I put it together minus one set of wheels and oh goodness Alison was so excited about her new doll buggy!! She could hardly keep her hands off while I was putting it together. It's also natural wood in more of a 'cradle on wheels' style so its easy for her to put dolls in; but without the fourth wheel it only had one axle of wheels and Alison was so heartbroken (a nice was of saying had a melt down) that it wouldn't work that its now shut away in the spare bedroom awaiting the new wheel to come.

These slight disappointments are sent to prepare
For what may hereafter befall;
For seasons of real disappointment and care,
Which commonly happen to all.
JANE TAYLOR, The Disappointment

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