Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hike at Torrey Pines

I got a new baby carrier! I know Alison is 2 isn't that a bit old? Absolutely not!
It holds up to 45 pounds and Alison is only 26 pounds and we plan on having another kid someday in the future. Anyways its a BabyErgo, Alison loves it and I LOVE it!
I got it last week and wore it around the mall and it worked so great I thought we would do something I have been wanting to do for a long time, hiking at Torrey Pines!
As you can see I can carry Alison like a backpack and almost all her weight was on my hips instead of on my back, yea it was awesome and allowed us to spend around 3 hours or so hiking around.

It was so beautiful, I wish these pictures could properly convey how lovely it was.

We did take a hiking break for about 30 minutes to let Alison run around and stretch her legs.
There was a nice flat area for Alison to run around near the visitors center.

They have scenic resting places along the way.

There were a bunch of these little lizards all over the place as well as some really fat ground squirrels. 

Yep, couldn't have done this with a stroller! 

All the paths looked pretty much like this. All of them dirt but some had fencing when the drop was particularly steep.

I wish this picture could include the sound of the waves, feel the warm sun shining on you and the cool breeze coming from across the ocean.

Large sand rock formation called 'Lions Paw'
They had a lot of signs telling people to stay away because the sand stone is too fragile for people to be messing with it.
It was a really good time! Alison was worn out and after about five minutes of being in the car she passed out.


  1. Those pictures are spectacular! Wow. I was thinking about getting that same baby carrier. I'm glad to see someone likes it that is actually using it.

  2. Oh goodness yes! We have actually bought 2 Baby Bjorns, we bought the normal one and it was so bad we bought the one with back support and it was still bad. Some friends use the Ergo and recommended it so I tried it out in the store and was instantly won over. And thanks about the pics! If you ever in San Diego look me up and we can pack the kids up and go!!