Sunday, January 8, 2012

Poway Train Park

There is a park we like to frequent that is pretty close to our house. There is a little train that sometimes runs around it when there are activities going on and there is a lot of room to run around and play.
Mommy and Alison sitting on the fence that blocks off the tracks. 

Alison HAD to wear her rain boots! She loves her boots and likes to put shoes on.
Mommy did bring some more appropriate shoes to run in that we eventually changed into, but I figured it wouldn't hurt a thing if she wanted to wear her rain boots for awhile.

Chris took this picture at the park. He gets better and better at taking pictures!

Another picture of the same area but in color.

Alison didn't want to leave!
(notice she is wearing the little tunic, under the sweater, I made for her <3 )
You might have noticed that we are missing a few days....well not much has been going on except unpacking, laundry, sleeping and refilling our pantry and fridge. I think you'll be seeing more regular blog post (well as regular as I normally am) in a month or two. 

Pics from my camera:
Alison was a little timid walking over the train tracks but with a little help from mommy she did it!

I really love this picture.

So Excited!!

Alison had so much fun running back and forth over this little wooden bridge.

Time to go home!

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