Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Welcome Home Mommy!

Most often its Daddy getting picked up at the airport by the little family but this time it was me!
I was so happy to see my little family! I won't say I was homesick but I was family sick for sure!
My little bat-girl was very excited to see mommy and gave me a big hug and kiss and sang the whole way home!

Daddy and daughter in matching Batman shirts, surprisingly Alison had her batman shirt first.
We decided to get some take out Chinese since I was tired and didn't want to make dinner and Chris was tired of making dinner!

We also needed to stop by the Stride Right Store at the mall and get Alison some new shoes.
Of course we had to make a stop in Pottery Barn Kids so Alison (and mommy) could check out their cute little kid stuff.

Alison really liked sitting at this vanity and looked so cute I had to take some pictures!
I love PBK they have the cutest little kids stuff!

Just my size!

I was very happy when the day was finally over and we were all going to bed. I was happy to rock my little angel and put her to sleep.

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