Saturday, January 14, 2012

Baby Shower!

I had the wonderful opportunity to throw a baby shower for my good friend Jean Ann.
She lives in Texas and I have known her for about 10 years now. We met the first day of school our freshman year of college at the University of Oklahoma and have been friends ever since.
Jean Ann and her husband Jacob are expecting their first child a little boy they plan on naming Jacob and but calling him Jake. I arrived on Thursday and the shower was Saturday and I left on Tuesday so I was able to spend some time with the parents to be.
Jean Ann has been watching a lot of cake shows and wanted to try and make her own cake.
This is her first ever fondant cake and I think she did a really great job!
They decorated the baby's room with the Giving Tree and so we carried that theme through the baby shower.

My lovely mom! 
My parents drove down to see Jean Ann and me.
Mom was so helpful setting things up. I just handed her the stuff I had picked up at the store and she make the table look beautiful. (apples for the giving tree and blue for baby boy!)
The pieces of paper are for Baby Bingo! A game where you fill in the blocks with things you think the mother will likely get for her shower and as she opens them you cross off your square and the first to get a bingo gets a prize. It was a fun game and everyone got to talking about what they should put in their squares.

Mary, Jean Ann's step mom and her half sister Marina made this baby buggy fruit bowl!
How cute it that?
Jean Ann's Aunt Betty expressed her interest in helping with the baby shower and she organized some of the family members to make food to bring in. It was so nice of her to want to help out and I really apprechiated it!
Planning a baby shower out of state is no joke!
Jean Ann!

My mom had a good time. The room was in a really cute cafe called The Mix. They had a boutique store and a little French cafe in one as well as this room they rented out for parties.

I didn't know hardly anyone there but everyone was really friendly.
Jean Ann has a wonderful group of people she is surrounded by in Texas!

This little 4 year old girl won one of the baby shower games where you pull a piece of crape paper the length of what you think would wrap around the mommy's pregnant tummy.There was a tie but both guesses were dead on. Since we bought prizes with adults in mind my mom thoughtfully put a $10 bill in an envelope and gave her that, she was thrilled. So both winners got a prize!

Jean Ann and her half sister Marina

Jean Ann and her half sister Kelsey.
Kelsey's crape paper guess was a bit off.
Jean Ann got a lot of really lovely gifts.

About to cut the cake!
It was almost a shame to have to cut her work of art.

Thanks again to everyone who helped and Thank you so much Jean Ann and Jacob for having me in your home and apart of your lives.


  1. what cute theme for a baby shower!

  2. Thanks Katie! I was really fun and easy :)