Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tea for Two, and Two for Tea!

Once upon a time I bought 3 mini teacups before Alison was born when we lived in Pacific Beach. My brother Justin was here for a visit and we went to a little tea shop where they had finger sandwiches, little treats and of course tea. They also had a little gift shop where I spotted the little cups and knew they had to be mine.
I don't normally collect little mementos but they were so cute I couldn't help myself! For the longest time I had them by each of my sinks (bathrooms and kitchen) to put my ring in. When we moved to our house I never really got around to putting them back out, since I don't really take my ring off. BUT I did have one in a kitchen drawer and pulled it out while I was cleaning and Alison saw it sitting on the edge of the counter top just perfectly in reach and claimed it as her own and has treasured it ever since keeping it always displayed on her shelf in the playroom.
I thought I would save the other two for a special occasion but Alison was being such a good girl today I thought 'what the heck? why not?' and gave her a second tea cup.

I handed her the little cup and she ran it over to where her first cup (the one on the left) was sitting and with a big smile and repeatedly saying "teacup! teacup!" she placed her second mini teacup in its new home to start its new life as a beloved toy for a two year old little girl.

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