Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Date! Hanging out with Baba! And Yea for Outside!

Chris and I recently got to go on a date! Baba stayed home to watch Alison and Chris and I went on a walking tour in the gas lamp district of downtown San Diego. It was pretty fun. We stopped at a few places to eat and learned some interesting things about San Diego. It was fun to be outside, learn a few things and walk around holding hands without worrying about Alison.

I didn't take very many pictures but I thought this building was too pretty not to take one of
March 26th

This building used to be where Horton Plaza (the downtown mall) is now.

Famous San Diego dog, apparently he wondered the streets during early San Diego days and was given the name Bum. People tried to adopt him but he preferred wandering and visiting bars where bar patrons would feel him beer. He is apparently in a lot of early San Diego pictures. He also lost a paw to a train after he got in a fight with another dog and that paw is missing on this statue.

Chris listening to our tour guide

March 27

Baba and Alison hanging out

March 28th

Dada and Alison reading her new book (she loves this book!!)

"What are you doing mommy?"

Chris and Baba got Alison some balls and Chris taught her how to kick!
She loves kicking the ball around!

Whew...after kicking the ball around its time to read some more!
Alison loves reading!

Baba went out to get some stuff form the grocery store and brought back some pretty flowers!

March 29th

Alison's big toy got moved to the back yard! Now that the weather is really lovely we want to play outside as much as possible!

Alison likes to push the swing (but doesn't like to swing in it!)

Alison figured out how to use sidewalk chalk!!
She added some lovely lines to the heart I drew!

Alison's first time using side walk chalk!

Love this pic.

Nice picture of Lucy. She is doing as well as ever.

Alison playing with mommy's keys

Going through her toys!

So many to choose from!

Now that's a happy kid!

More reading!

I was in a big picture taking mood today. I am having so much fun with Alison. She is learning so much and is such a joy to be around. Not saying that she doesn't have her moments!
She is very sneaky!! Whenever we open the fridge to take something out we have to keep an eye out for Alison because she will sneak up behind you and snatch something out of the door! Today she grabbed a coke, a water bottle and tried to get the mustard!

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