Friday, March 25, 2011

First Day of Playgroup!

Alison, daddy and I went to the Waldorf School of San Diego today for a playgroup!
Baba took some 'first day of school pictures' before we left.

Alison likes to make silly faces

We thought it would be fun to take a few in front of our front door!

Ready to go!

It was raining today so the whole class was done inside.
Here is a picture of the school. It looks like an old church converted into a school.
Chris met Alison and I in the front office and the Director of Admissions took us on a mini tour of the classrooms.

Alison after her class!
She had such a good time! It was really neat to see her have fun with other children. She was so active and friendly that no one would have guessed it was her first day!
She laughed and played. The class started by meeting inside for some playtime. Alison played with blocks and followed the other children around. Normally the first part of playgroup would be playing outside but since it was raining we stayed indoors
. We had circle time where we sang little songs and bounced the kiddos on our legs and tickled them, Alison really wanted to get up and play some more! But she had fun bouncing on mommy and daddy's legs (we took turns)
 Then we cleaned up the classroom and had snack time! Alison got a nice hot bowl of oatmeal, some toast and fresh blueberries! She wasn't very hungry though because we had fed her right before we left home (Oatmeal).
After snack time Chris had to leave to go back to work. Alison and I went back into the play area of the classroom and they had set up a big tube for the kids to crawl in and out of. Alison didn't want to crawl in the tube but she had a blast pushing it around and peering inside at the other kids.
After they explored the tube for awhile, it was put up and we played on these rocking boards like a curved skate board with no wheels) and sang row row row your boat while rocking the kids on the boards. Alison wasn't interested in being on the board, she danced instead! She was very good the whole class.
We ended with some more circle time and the teacher going to each child rubbing their hands with some lovely smelling oil and singing a song just for them. Alison really liked that part, she started singing with the teacher.
That's how it went! There were about 5 other children in the class and mainly mothers but there was another mom and dad and son group, a dad and son group and a grandma and grand-daughter group. Everyone was really nice and Alison had a lot of fun.
The only thing negative about the school is that the building is really old and in a part of town that isn't so nice. But there is another Waldorf school north of us we might try that one out if we decide to sign Alison up for playgroup again. She really loved the class, it was the first time she was able to play with a group of children her age.

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