Monday, April 25, 2011


Happy April first! Alison loves undoing the strap on her shoe!
She likes wearing shoes and likes to help mommy with her shoes too!

Boompa came to visit!
We went to Chicken Pie Diner and Alison and Boompa split a milk shake!

checking out the music!

Alison wants a turn!

Boompa turned 63 on the 5th of this month but of course we were all in California so weren't able to celebrate with him. I thought it would be fun to throw him a surprise birthday party!
Mom took him to pick Chris up from the airport and I decorated, baked a cake and make a birthday dinner!

Here is the cake! I used some wooden numbers from Alison's number puzzle.
I made the cake with an organic cake mix and decorated it with a few almonds!
It was really good!

Boompa was very surprised!
Here he is with the napkin I embroidered for him (its a gnome)
I also made him a big Jar of candied almonds.

I went to Las Vegas with some of my girl friends!
We had a GREAT time!
This is a pic of Jean Ann and Kristen.

here we all are in front of the sign!
I am not looking and rubbing my eyes...darn sand! lol
I didn't take very many pictures but the other girls took some and are supposed to email them too me sometime so I might post more Vegas pics in the future!

Home with my little Alison
Boompa and I like to eat breakfast on the back patio and Alison eats a little oatmeal and plays then comes back for a little more and plays a little more. It makes for a really nice morning.

Boompa got Alison a bubble machine that pumps out the bubbles!

Alison with a bubble on her nose

Boompa also got Alison a big pink ball!

Alison looking good in her hat and sun glasses!

sitting with Boompa. Alison loved her Boompa!

Boompa loves Alison too!

Boompa, Baba, Alison and I went to the mall and they had this little train and of course Boompa wanted to take Alison on it!

She was a little scared at first

But soon it was fun!

Choo choo!

There they go!

Alison was all smiles when they came back.
Boompa said that she waved to people and really seemed to like it!

Taking a shopping break and drinking some of Baba's drink

Want to see MORE pictures?
check out my dad's blog and see what he saw through his camera!
click here:

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