Thursday, April 8, 2010

This week...

Whew. I haven't been blogging much this week because Alison and I have been spending time at the beach and Alison has been in kind of a bad mood lately (teething) and has really been wearing me out!

Monday and Tuesday we took it easy at home. We did some arts and crafts and a ton of laundry. If I get my camera back I'll take some pictures of what we made. (a welcome home sign for daddy with Alison footprints and a hand print, Alison colored on a piece of paper for the first time even though she didn't really know what she was doing and she spent most of the time trying to put the crayon in her mouth and drooling!) I will keep everything so I can take pictures eventually... Now I know how my dad felt when he lost his camera. Its like your cut off from sharing your life and making memories.

Alison's first time with a crayon! (of course I handed her a purple one!)

Hanging out at home pictures:
"I can grab my feet! I love my toes!"

Alison puts everything in her mouth. Here the leg of her toy is about to get drooled on.

Alison isn't sure about Marty. The cats usually keep their distance.

Wednesday we went back out to the beach and Alison cried a lot. I feel so terrible for her, teething must really suck. I took a picture of her sleeping on someone's lap. She had a hard time. She was at melting point when we left at 9pm. The other times we have been at the beach she has done ok with sleeping there but yesterday... that wasn't the case.

(here is the picture of Alison sleeping on our friend Chris' lap)

When Alison is upset my mind is solely focused on making her feel better and everything else seems to be a blurry side note. And last night it was get her in the car so she can fall asleep (which she did almost immediately). I think that's why I forgot my camera; I was too caught up in Alison's crying and just didn't think about the little things, like a camera which is important but not as important as Alison. The most memorable thing from Wednesday was when I was telling everyone good bye explaining that Alison was at melting point and one of the women said "Babies don't melt" It made me laugh and it was probably the nicest thing anyone could have said at that moment.

This week has been a lot of fun and it was so great to have a place to go and hang out with people outside. Chris being gone for two weeks was hard but having friends to be with makes it a lot easier. Thankfully we have Tawny and her super great group of friends and family.

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