Friday, April 16, 2010

I know its Friday but here is Thursday!

We got up super Early (Thursday) to take Alison to her doctors appointment. She was a doll the entire time with the exception of the five minutes she cried after getting her shots (and who could blame her!)
Doctor listening to Ali's big baby heart!

I kind of like the doctor! and my fingers!

The appointment went well, Alison is in perfect health. She weighs 14 and 1/2 pounds now, she was born 7lbs 13oz, so she is gaining weight and growing perfectly. Daddy was able to come with us because it was so early in the morning. I really wanted him to be able to come. He holds Alison when she gets shots. And after its over I cuddle her. (He is good at keeping her distracted).

Alison took a big nap when we got home and we just took it easy for the rest f the day.

Chris made dinner, it was really good. seared tuna!

he made a pretty plate for his wife.

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