Friday, April 9, 2010

My Camera!

My friend Tawny did indeed find my camera! I went and picked it up this afternoon before going over to the our friends house, Ben and Monica, to see their baby daughter, who was finally cleared to go home.

Here are some pictures of our visit:

What a beautiful baby. I was in awe of how cute she is.

Here I am holding the new baby and Chris holding my little Ali. Beautiful little girls!

Tiny baby girl. She was born 4 weeks early. Here are the girls laying on the floor together. Whats really amazing is that now Alison seems soo much older but in a year, four months difference won't be hardly anything. (the girls are exactly 4 months apart)

It was really great getting to see the baby. She smiled A LOT. I didn't know babies smiled that much. Alison smiled when she was a newborn but she didn't smile as much as this little one. It was very cute.

It was great to see Ben and Monica and their son as well. Monica is such a great person and she looks awesome! She really inspires me to get off my hind end and get some excersise. If everyone had half the self discipline as Monica the world would be a much more advanced and better place.

Tomorrow is French Cafe! I haven't been able to go in soo long. Weekends have been pretty busy lately! We are all meeting up for a picnic and Chris is going to watch the baby for me. Hopefully I will be able to take some lovely pictures with my camera (thank goodness it didn't go missing for very long!)

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