Sunday, April 18, 2010

Franch Cafe

Saturday I met up with Franch Cafe, my social group, at Baby Cakes our usual meet-up spot. I wheeled Alison along with me. I am really enjoying the new stroller, wish we would have gotten one earlier!

Here I am talking with Mark, Alison is sleeping in her stroller/car seat.

I really like going to baby cakes. The shop is really cute and the cupcakes are really yummy and come in fun flavors. I normally don't eat while I am there but instead bring a little box home to share with Chris. This time we got 5 cupcakes Blood Orange with Blueberry (super yummy!), Mocha, Vanilla Raspberry, Chocolate Raspberry, and Hazelnut. They were all really great. I think my favorite flavor that I've had there so far is Pistachio, a cute little green cupcake.

Conversation was good. David, our head organizer, is a language teacher so he is always teaching us about how to remember things, mainly the past tense everyone has trouble with that! He is a really nice guy and we are really lucky to have such a talented and committed person as our organizer. Mark (the person pictured above) is extremely patient and always talks with me. He speaks about 5 languages, he is really smart.

Alison was really good! I won't be surprised if she picks up a few words in French. She loves listening to everyone talk.

One more thing.... Alison for the first time was mistaken for a boy. Normally I dress her up in really cute little girl clothes but I dressed her in a 'Louisville' t-shirt. and a black skirt with attached black pants. The guy who commented said "What a cute little boy!" so at least he thought she was cute!  

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