Monday, April 5, 2010

Friday-Saturday April 2-3, 2010

Friday Alison and I spent the day cleaning the house and getting ready for our first beach camping trip! Alison's very first camping trip! We followed went with my friend Tawny who was meeting up with some of her family and friends at Camp Pendleton. We didn't get there until pretty late. It was cold outside without the sun so I bundled Alison up! Here we are standing in front of the ocean; this is also Alison's first time to see the ocean too! Or a beach!

Alison just woke up from the hour long car ride.

That night was pretty rough. Alison did not want to go to sleep. There was too much to look at but she was so tired that all she could do was cry. It took about three and a half hours to get her to fall asleep. When she did fall asleep it was in the car in her tilted back car seat that I had lined with blankets. I was too afraid of waking her up so I just slept out in the car with her. It wasn't the most comfortable night I've ever had but it was still nice sleeping to the sound of the ocean waves. Alison only woke up once after she fell asleep and after I fed her she fell quickly back to sleep and we didn't wake up for the day until 7am.

Here are some pictures of Alison and mommy at the beach:

She was more interested in her toes then in anything else.

In honor of Alison's first day at the beach she wore her 'ocean outfit'

Alison taking a nice relaxing nap on the beach. She is under a low tent that was set up just for her and my friend Tawny's son to take naps under. We sure have gotten a lot of use out of her Moses basket!

Here Alison and I are enjoying the beach together. It was a beautiful day.

Alison and I went home around 5pm so we could go to Easter service the next day (Sunday morning). When we arrived home Alison was sleepy so I put her down for a nap and I took a bath to wash all the salt off and to let the warm water relax my sore I-slept-in-the-car-all-night muscles.

When Alison woke up we went to Target. I wanted to get Alison a sun hat and some baby sun screen. I was disappointed at the selection Target had. They only had three sun hats to choose from and none of them were small enough for Alison even though the tag said 'infant-toddler'. But I got her the hat anyways hoping she wouldn't mind that it covered her little eyes (she hated it).

I also got these munchkin diaper bags with the dispenser.

I got the purple one and the bags smell like lavender. Its really nice having somthing to put Ali's diapers in. The bags keep the diapers from stinking everything up!

We went home and both of us had a good sleep in preparation for Easter Sunday!

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  1. I guess you had more fun than I thought you would camping with a 4 month old. During the day she probably had a good time but when she got tired and she did not have her bed then she probably felt like something was wrong. I wish I could of been there for her first ocean/beach trip. I love the ocean so much and to be able to share it with my granddaughter would be tops for me. Maybe next time I come out I can have a "Take My Granddaughter to the Beach Day".
    I love you both.