Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Food and a Tear

Our friends had their baby yesterday! A little beautiful healthy girl. Everyone was praying for her because she decided to come out 4 weeks early! We won't be able to meet the little one until Friday though. She is staying in the NICU for a few days and may only be visited by mom and dad. We were able to celebrate with mom and dad and new big brother though.

Alison and I made them some chicken and rice (brought to them via a 'I Can't Believe it's not Butter' bucket, recycle!!) with lots of veggies in it. My friend Monica is a fitness instructor and is all about a healthy lifestyle. She is the most disciplined person I have ever met and she isn't even in the military!

big brother and mommy

Alison was making lots noise but was really behaving well. Here she is with our friend, Ben (father to new baby).

They really appreciated the food. I remember how much Chris and I wanted a real meal when we were in the hospital having Alison, and we were just there for two nights! The first one I was in labor though and couldn’t eat anything. Anyways we were ready to have a real meal and Ben and Monica are going to be hanging out at the hospital for a few more days still. Bummer...
Monica's mom is flying here in a few days but until then Ben is busy taking care of everyone. He might be dropping their son off at our place tomorrow so he can run some errands. I don't have plans and their son is such a sweetheart.

We got home a little after six and Alison had fallen asleep in her car seat so I brought her in and left her in the living room so she could sleep as long as she wanted to. When she woke up in the dark living room, alone and strapped into the car seat (which she isn't the biggest fan of) she started crying. There isn't anything too remarkable about this story other then the fact that Alison shed her first tear. I saw the glisten of the tear and stopped taking her out of the car seat to take a picture of this first of many tears she will shed over her lifetime. (hopefully not too many tears and hopefully most of them will be from joy). 

You can see the glimmer of her first tear on her right cheek by her cute little nose.

My little baby is growing up a little more everyday.

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  1. BoomPa stepped on Alison lower lip. I see a big old tear on her cheek. I cannot believe mommy left her in the dark.